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pigeons Tipplers as Homing Pigeons
By Stan Ogozalek

Published: 8/24/2004 TipplerTalk

Just a few years ago, my friends, Tom Gargan and Kevin Mayer, and I were driving to the Reading (PA) Pigeon Show, a distance of about 125 miles from Hazlet, NJ. Well, Tom decides to take one of his 'store bought' tipplers and release it from the Show site. Now, the tippler.....was a tippler and not something that was the result of a cross with another breed. He releases it and the following day, exact time unknown, the bird is back in his loft! Unbelievable! The bird had never been trained to 'home' from any distance, it was a regularly flown tippler, a print in color.

Now, I have heard from an old racing homer friend who flew 'Flights' in Brooklyn, somewhere near 3rd Avenue. Well, he told me that tipplers were raced also and I believe that he mentioned 'Flights' also but don't quote me on that. But allow me to get to the point, it being that these tipplers were for the most part not the 'Flying Tipplers' that we have today. I can remember ol' 'Fire Escape George' and 'Pet Shop Bill', both of Hoboken, speaking about racing tipplers at that pigeon exchange on Newark street in Hoboken. These so called tipplers may have had crosses in them to improve their speed, a homer cross was too obvious and so they used other breeds for their purpose. Other breeds could have been short faced Owls or 'Budies' ( Budapests ) and possibly others that just don't come to mind right now., I'll have to ask that racing homer friend again for more details.

Like I said, these birds were not our famous strains of English Flying Tipplers as we now know them. I have never done this with the Gordon Hughes tipplers, nor would I try it. Our 'Flying Tipplers' were never bred for this purpose, 'racing' them is just "going against the grain"...so to speak. As you well know, our birds were bred for sustained flight and not for speed. We want our tipplers to fly in a style that is conducive to long time flying, that is what we strive for.

Maybe, for some fanciers, racing their 'tipplers' (?) makes them happy and that's OK......for them. However, I doubt if you'll ever see their names in the Flying Tippler Contest results sheet.

And years ago, there was ( and possibly still exists ) a Roller club in the Cleveland, Ohio area whose members flew their 'Rollers' as we do our tipplers. Sustained flight with a breed that was meant for performance such as rolling and somersaulting, there again....'going against the grain'. I often wondered as to why they just didn't go with tipplers.....

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