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Iranian High Flyers fly calmly and slowly over the coops, and at very high altitudes, sometimes out of sight. They fly with a slower wing beat than most performing breeds. Their tail and wing feathers are longer than most breeds. Iranian High Flyers have a wingspread of up to 30 inch, which makes them an endurance flyer, flying from 2 to 18 hours. Some of them also perform very much like Turkish Tumblers. Unlike Turkish Tumblers they don't dive towards the coop; they only climb several feet vertically before they repetitiously tumble. Even though some breeders prefer them to fly as a kit, I think they are best as solo flyers where they perform more combinations of tumbles when they fly solo. The solo flyers normally hover around the kit and show dominance to the kit in the air. Some strains of Iranian High Flyers tumble more than others when some may not tumble at all. Most Iranian fanciers who breed Tehranis would not prefer the pigeons to tumble too much. I prefer to keep and breed Iranian High Flyers that tumble and perform. They come in a variety of colors with white bodies. In general Iranian High Flyers come in blue, red and ash grizzles. Even though the color comes second as in every other performing breed, Iranian High Flyers come with all kinds of spread colors and tail markings which make them attractive to watch when they fly. The peak crest is very attractive and common in this bred also.

I never thought I would be interested in Iranian High Flyers. After I saw the way they fly and look, I decided to acquire some and fly the babies. I got most of my Iranian High Flyers from Sean Nasiri, a master breeder who lives in Central Florida. Most of his birds were directly imported from Iran and they are all pure bred Tehrani pigeons.

Recently, I also acquired some Toghie Iranian Tumblers. Toghie Tumblers are ancient and very rare Tumbler of Iran with lot's of myths and superstition behind it. There are a lot of books, poems and movies about these pigeons in Iran. I have been told most Iranians would know what Toghie pigeons are even if they are not pigeon breeders and fanciers. Toghie Tumblers are bred specifically for their color pattern and not for their performance even though some of them can be decent flyers. They are not very popular in Tehran, but they can normally be found in western and southern provinces of Iran. Ideal bird will carry a perfect color around the neck (ring neck) and chest without any fault.

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