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National Pigeon Association (NPA): This is the official website of the National Pigeon Association (NPA). Very informative website for new fanciers, juniors, and seniors. I highly recommend all fanciers to be part of the NPA where you'll have fun, find support, and make new friends. Membership brings you 4 issues of the NPA Quarterly Review each year. In the pages of the Review you'll find out what the NPA is doing for the hobby as well as pigeon related articles! Membership also makes you eligible for tour many programs and a discount on certain NPA products. Visit this page.

Turkish Tumblers: This is an excellent website written and maintained by Ugur Kurt Gursu, a master breeder in San Jose, California. In this website, you can find information about Turkish pigeons specifically about Turkish Takla. You can find  information on the performance styles and competitions, history of the breed, differences between taklas (tumblers) from different cities and training methods.Visit this page.

National Birmingham Roller Club: This is the official website of the National Birmingham Rollers Club. The Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the flying and breeding of the Birmingham Roller Pigeon. With members in every state and across several countries, the NBRC strives to unite the breeders of Birmingham Rollers with the goal of sharing and learning from each other and from our birds. Visit this page.

High Flying Tumblers of Tehran: This is a very informative website about the Iranian High Flyers and Iranian pigeon culture. Iran has many different breed of Tumblers. This website focuses on only the tumblers from the City of Tehran. Highly recommend this site to everyone to read whether you like and breed Iranian high flyers or not. Visit this page.

National West Of England Tumbler Club: This is the official website of the West Of England Tumbler Club. The NWOETC strives to build unity within the breed and among all breeders of this fine pigeon. They promote the breeding, judging and showing of Wests in accordance with the NWOETC Standard. Excellent website with a lot of information and pictures. Visit this page.

Florida Gulf Coast Pigeon Club: The Florida Gulf Coast Pigeon Club has been serving pigeon fanciers on the South West coast of Florida and other areas since 1976. We are the oldest active pigeon club in the state. We are dedicated to the promotion, breeding and exhibition of domestic pigeons and to the welfare of its members. We host two annual shows in the Sarasota/Bradenton FL. area. Our shows attract exhibitors from up and down the East and West coast of Florida and from other states. Visit this page

Central Florida Pigeon Fanciers Association: We are the Central Florida Pigeon Fancier's Association. We are the largest Pigeon Club in Central Florida with over 140 active members. We meet once a month and send out a newsletter to all of our registered members. We are currently meeting every third Thursday of the month, at a time and location to be disclosed on our event calendar. Visit this page

North Central Florida Pigeon Fanciers Association: We are the North Central Florida Pigeon Fancier's Association. Visit this page

The Sunshine State Pigeon Fanciers: The sunshine state pigeon fanciers are located on the east coast of Florida. We promote all breeds of pigeons. You are welcome to join us in promoting our hobby, and pigeon fancier fellowship. Junior fanciers are always welcome. Visit this page

Purebred Pigeon Magazine: This is the official website of the Purebred Pigeon Magazine. It is a Full Color Magazine devoted to all the the ways we enjoy our breed or interest. It is one of the most professional pigeon publication available covering shows, performing and racing breeds, articles, and classified and display advertising. I am a subscriber of this magazine and I enjoy the articles and the information provided by this magazine. I highly recommend it to every pigeon breeder and fancier. Visit this page.

Foy's Pigeon Supplies: This is the official website of the Foy's Pigeon Supplies. Foy's strive to provide with the best customer service, high quality products and competitive prices. It is a great website with a product catalog which features tons of products and information. The company also provides a free printed catalog for their customers. This is the company from which I buy my pigeon supplies and I have been very happy with the service provided by Foy's. I highly recommend this company to everyone. Visit this page.

Egg Bid: This is a website where pigeon and bird buyers and sellers can sell or buy birds and related items in an online auction. Users bid the highest price they are willing to pay for an item and bidding activity stops when the auction duration is complete. The item is sold to the highest bidder at their bid price. Not a bad place to buy birds you normally can't find in your neck of the woods. I have bought pigeons from this website and planning to sell some of my birds in the near future.  Visit this page.

Pigeon-Life (Pigeon Talk): At Pigeon-Life.net we celebrate the pigeon in all its forms. From the fancy breeds to the feral variety, to the magnificent Passenger Pigeon of yesteryear, you will find enthusiasts here.This site is a visual and intellectual tribute to all pigeons everywhere in the world. So please look around, ask and answer questions, and above all, enjoy yourself! Pigeon-Talk is a global forum open to all pigeon lovers. It is moderated by a team of pigeon specialists around the world. This section is an archive containing terms on use, conduct, privacy and more..  Visit this page.

Famous Pigeon Fanciers: Did you ever wonder who are the famous people through history that had a fancy for pigeons?  This link provides the list of famous fanciers from Noah to the present time. Visit this page.

21 Amazing Pigeon Facts: I show this link to people who do not understand why in the world I breed and fancy pigeons. It is even interesting to those of us who have been breeding pigeons for a long time. It's fun to read. Visit this page.


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