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The following pigeon breeders directory is designed to help breeders in the United States to find other breeders and their breeds. Please note that this is not a classified section, and the breeders may or may not have pigeons for sale. If you like your information to be listed here, please fill out the breeder Form. If you like to update your information, please do not submit again, simply email me the new information.
Thank you for signing your information.


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1320  Breeders Found

Breeder City State Phone Breed Web Mail
Fekri Ismaili Anchorage AK 907-830-6252 Donek, Tippler  
Randy McDonald Adamsville AL 205-674-6648 Birm. Roller, Orie. Roller, Lahore, Racing Homer, Amer. Fantail, Modena  
Jack & Theresa Lexington AL Birmingham Rollers  
Allen Turcotte Jemison AL 205-646-3829 West of England Breeder and Pigeon Artist  
Don Hicks Huntsville AL Perf. Rollers, Nitro Strain, Roger Baker Blue Lace Family, Perf. Parlor Rollers  
Ali Shah Abbeville AL 612-669-3128 Pakistani High Flyers  
Mehmet Serce Montgomery AL 334-799-8546 Adana Dewlaps, Iranian High Flyers  
Zahid I awan Mobile AL 251-214-6832 Pakistani High Flyers  
Andi Go Mobile AL 819-297-2428 Scandaroon  
Gerardo Navarrete Alabaster AL 205-230-3774 Pigeons  
Jay Turner Randolph AL 205-688-2402 American Baldhead Rollers  
Justin Ray Little rock AR 501-295-8882 N.y flights ,whiter racing homers,racing homers  
John Kelly Phoenix AR 480-370-3046 Birmingham Rollers - Championship Jaconettes
Randy Pilcher Sr. Mabelvale AR 501-413-2234 Classic Frills & Moorhead Tumblers  
Daniel Hash Little Rock AR 801-580-6476 White Racing Homing Pigeons, Bald Headed Rollers
Mary Ladd Phoenix AR 602-286-0230 Old Dutch Capuchines  
Carl Evans Arkansas AR pomeranian pouters, English Pouters, Pygmy pouters, Gaint Hungarians,  
Ira V. Crite Newport AR 870-664-0074 Bellneck & Pensom Rollers, Racing & Saddle Homers, Jacobins, Fantails, N.Y. Flying Flights  
Robert West Scottsdale AZ 480-271-1922 Racing Pigeons  
Chris Rogers Apache Jct. AZ Felegyhazaer Tumblers, Komorner Tumblers, Birmingham Rollers, Genetic ET's  
Arthur Cook Williams AZ 928-202-0878 all types 60 yrs sport need restart in sport  
Rudy Medrano Buckeye AZ 623-386-2372 Pakistani High Flyers, Tipplers, Rollers, Fantails  
Dan Hein Phoenix AZ 602-300-1538 Transylvanian Double Crested Tumblers, Galati Rollers, Timisoara Tumblers, Romanian Naked Necks, Tumbler of Yassy (iasa)-(imports), Budapest Highflyers (imports), Uzbek tumblers, Tshoong Tumblers  
Gazwan Kahwaji Scottsdale AZ 602-677-6010 Turkish Tumblers, Damascenes, Bakus  
Steve Shaw Tucson AZ 520-991-0199 Fantasy, Parlor Roller/Tumbler, Mini Indians, Courtyard Tumblers, Voorburg Shield Croppers, Saints
Hanry N.Shah Scottsdale AZ 602-571-6414 Turkish and Iraqi Tumbles  
Dan Freeman Green Valley AZ Scandaroons, Thai Laughers  
Genevieve Bowman Peoria AZ Pure Birmingham Rollers  
Mike Guzman Maricopa AZ 480-274-4956 Shakhsharli, Turkish Tumbler  
Jorge Arechiga Tolleson AZ 623-312-9353 Birmingham Rollers (UK Imports)  
Isaac David Chandler AZ 480-293-4133 Turkish Tumblers  
Nate collaso Maricopa AZ 562-725-0108 Birmingham rollers all different blood lines  
Hermie Slag Tucson AZ King Silver, White, Red, Texas Pioneer  
Jose Jimenez Phoenix AZ 623-209-9436 Pure Birmingham Rolers  
Bob Kirby Queen Creek AZ 480-201-1090 Mookies, Old German Owls, West Of England Tumblers  
Dane McNeill Phoenix AZ Performance Birmingham Rollers  
Rick McGuirk Phoenix AZ English Trumpeters  
Robert West Scottsdale AZ 480-271-1922 Leo Heremans  
Alan Bliven Tucson AZ Flying Oriental Rollers, Gaditano Pouters and much more
Rey Ramos Los Angeles CA 818-469-9924 Armenian/Iranian Highfliers
Eric Jones Oakland/Hayward CA 510-476-9840 Birmingham Rollers  
Vahe D'Ala La Crescenta CA 818-517-8669 Rare colored racing homers
Renee New San Jose CA 408-453-1784 Armenian Tumblers  
Singh Inda Turlock CA 209-495-3105 Lavet, Shanon, Iranian, Iraqi  
John LaMantia Escondid CA 760-519-5597 Racing Pigeons
Carlito Toomes Oakland CA 510-342-8583 Deep Rollers, Rare Colors, Jackonetts, Pensoms  
Chang Vang Sacramento CA Parlor Roller, Iranian High Flyer  
White Dove So Cal Los Angeles CA 323-385-1651 White Racing Homers
Larry Hopkins Chowchilla CA 209-947-5590 Rollers  
Alex Mascorro Reseda CA Racing Pigeons  
Sinan Sitto San Diego CA 619-761-0608 Iraq pigeon  
Nathan Collaso Downey CA 562-805-3986 Birmingham Rollers, Nates Rollers, Pensom Rollers  
Magic Dakdouk Los Angeles CA Turkish Takla Tumbler, Shakhsharli
Gregory Bennymadho La Quinta CA 760-702-0085 English Carriers /English Barbs  
Keith Baber hayward CA 510-315-1238 Tipplers- Bodens
Bryan Diaz Comton CA 424-244-4612 Roller Pigeons  
Emil Guingua National City CA 619-791-5178 Jensen, Owl, Fantail  
Ahmad Kayello Modesto CA Carriers, Scandaroons, Exhibition Homers, Dewlaps  
Kari Jo Maracic Oakland CA Ancient, Berliner Kurze, Budapest, Classic Old Frill, West of England
Paul Gomez Los Angeles CA 323-735-7827 Birmingham Rollers
Santo Pagano Yorba Linda CA 714-588-8987 Starlings, White Russian Tumblers, Oriental Rollers, Birmingham Rollers  
Joe Garcia Perris CA Russian Tumblers, Rollers  
Farhad Hamsada Northern,California CA 510-693-9708 Adana Dewlaps, Lebanon and Afghan Sherazi pigeons  
Winston Wills Rodeo CA 510-313-3390 Racing Pigeons  
Tova Yehuda Woodland hills. CA 310-382-7789 Pakistani high flyers. Serbian high flyers and tipplers!  
Maksim Zhavko Sacramento CA 916-899-2832 Ukrainian Skycutter, Iranian Tumblers, Baku Tumblers  
Dennis Weinreich Chico CA Racing Homing pigeons
Hector Cruz Chino CA 909-270-8232 Laudinos marchaneros jianenses rafenos gaditanos granadinos mensajeros picas deportivos  
Richard Conway Ferndale CA 707-786-4907 Frillbacks,Catalonian Tumblers, Portuguese Tumblers, Rakovnik Rollers, Vienna Medium Face
John Mosqueda Lancaster CA 661-388-7408 Birmingham Rollers And Racing Homers  
Rodrigo Washington Long Beach CA 562-481-4280 Birmingham ( Flying type) Rollers, Tipplers
Aldvin Malonzo San Diego CA 858-346-0642 Racing pigeon, homer, iranian, rollers  
Michelle Burgdorf Fresno CA 559-314-4613 Markischen Magpie Tumblers and Berliners  
Doug Roberts Antioch CA 925-648-8972 Lahore, Egyptian Swift, Damascene, Old Classic Frills, Archangel
Xiong Yang Fresno CA 559-349-4923 Embertons, Rubys, Fireballs, Higgins, Reeds  
Gurshinder Singh Yuba City CA 530-301-9685 hight flys .Rollers  
John Valencia Victorville CA Old Dutch Tumblers  
Olga Whatley Sacramento CA Uzbeck Tumblers  
Jep Peraza Orangecounty CA Rollers  
Elvero B. Guzman Long Beach CA 562-310-1265 Homming and Roller Pigeons  
Salim Lakhani Whittier CA 562-305-3611 Afghan Sherazi  
Juan Carlos Rodriguez Modesto CA 209-872-8803 Racing Homers  
Richard Conway Ferndale CA 707-786-4907 Frillbacks, Breslauer Tumblers and Valencia Figuritas
Andy Singh Fullerton CA 714-515-2011 Iranian High Flyers/ Indian High Flyers  
Ronald Noble Sacramento CA 916-275-3553 Racing homers, white homers, black eagles, Birmingham rollers
Leonard Barrios Paramount CA 562-714-1074 Parlor Rollers, Birmingham Rollers  
Fou Lee Fresno CA Plona line rollers
Carlos Ochoa Victorville CA 909-997-1652 English Carrier, German Beauty, Scandaroon  
Jerry Garcia Oxnard CA 805-513-9050 Pure White Homing Pigeons  
Yad Jhajj Bakersfield CA indian pigeons  
Danny Duren Adin CA 530-299-4253 Standard Fantails, Flying Rollers, Racing Homers  
Ken Johnston Antioch CA 925-595-5257 Archangel, Damascene, Iranian High Flyers
Sajid Shamim Diamond Bar CA 909-228-5799 Lahores, Colored Homers  
George Drndarski Tustin CA High Flying Tipplers (Nash Milic Breed)  
Antonio Flores Fresno CA White Homers, Racing Homers
Rajvir Singh Ripon CA 209-985-4648 Iranians, Armanian , Turkish , Pakistani indian and Shanon Tipplers
Terry Davis Antioch CA Racing Homers, Rare Color Racing Pigeons, Birmingham Rollers, Bellneck Rollers  
Rena Elouise Bailey Highland CA 909-864-4029 Modenas, Frillbacks, Komorner Tumblers, OGO, Racing Homers
Terry Hester Fontana CA 909-350-2210 Saxon Monks  
Scott Michael Rusinko Norco CA (951)202-2478 Rollers  
Bikram Singh Manteca CA 209-346-6340 Indian, Iranian, High Flyer  
Tomas Bravo Orange County CA 714-280-5091 Racing  
Rubik Lanchi Oxnard CA 805-358-0101 Ukranian Skycutters  
Christian Cuerpo Anaheim CA 714-299-8091 Racing Pigeon  
Arman Caldea Antioch CA 925-446-5884 Scandaroon / English Carrier  
Zeeshan Khan Stockton CA 209-623-6894 Pakistani Pigeons  
Andrew Gauvin Amsterdam CA 819-297-2428 Scandaroon  
John Mahaffay Whittier CA English Longface Tumblers  
Frankie Rosario North Hills CA 818-582-7383 Racing Homers
Tony Brancato Cherry Valley CA 951-769-8389 Schmalkaldeners, Berhardiner magpies,Thuringer Swallows,Thuringer Wing Pigeons,Starlings,Suabians  
Masood Ehrari San Jose CA 408-239-6367 Afghan  
Georgi Nikolov San Rafael CA 415-533-5368 Racing Homing Colored Pigeons, Bulgarian High Flyers  
Stan Reynolds Olivehurst CA 530-701-3391 Helmets, West of England Tumblers, Damascenes,Archangels  
Amir Mostafaie Folsom CA 916-952-7700 Pakistani Tipplers, Kamagar, Ali wale, Kalsira, Neelay, Dubwale, Iranian High Flyers  
Romeo Destacamento Temecula CA 951-760-6155 Rare Colored Racing Homers
Jesus Morales Orange County CA 949-244-8427 Granadinos  
Tony Arcamo San Diego CA 619-655-0007 Flying Oriential Rollers, Birmingham Rollers, Kelebeks
Pauljarome Magaway La puente CA 626-257-0166 Rare Homers, German Beauty, African Owl  
Michael Tran san marcos CA 760-672-1804 White and grizzle racing Homers  
Rafa Rafa Anaheim CA 714-772-3418 Spanish thief pouter(Buchones). Rate homers,African owl,Budapest  
Alex Garcia Santa Ana CA 714-336-5685 Buchones pouters.(granadinos!!marchinero!!gaditanos),racing pigeons!!  
Hafiz Safdari Tracy CA 209-740-1115 Clean leg Ice, white tail  
Johnny Montes Grass Valley CA 530-633-9297 Indian Fantails  
Jesus Ponce Napa CA 707-230-7024 English Carriers, White Racing Homers, German Beauty and Doves  
Manjit Pandher Stevenson Ranch CA 818-398-9262 Pakistani, Iranian, Arminian  
Miguel Martinez Riverside CA 951-204-3050 Birmingham Rollers  
Taz Sayed Riverside CA 818-231-8460 Rare Racing Pigeons
Manjit Sidhu Fresno CA 571-426-8753 Pakistani & Indian pigeons  
Tarek Patros Nuevo CA 612-385-7820 Turkish Tumblers  
Ahmad Khalil Modesto CA English Carriers - Egyptian Swifts  
Brian Sappok Apple Valley CA 760-240-9115 birmingham rollers and houben racing homers  
Stephen Nikolayev Sacramento CA 916-896-9068 Racing Pigeons
Robert Pascual Sacramento CA 916-524-7296 Racing Pigeons  
Carlos Rosete Quail Valley, Menifee CA 951-244-0989 Birmingham Rollers  
Alex Rosiu Sacramento CA 916-770-7381 Hana Pouters and German Beauty Homers  
Anjulee Geer Beaumont CA Birmingham Rollers, West of England Tumblers, Helmets, Indian Fantails, Komorner Tumblers, Chinese Owls, Ringneck Doves
Debbie Lay San Bernardino CA 909-253-6337 Indian Fantails, Mindians, Birmingham Rollers, Parlors
Makana Boger San Diego CA Turkish Tumblers
Frank Casha Hanford CA Italian Owls, Markischen Magpie Tumblers, Warsaw Butterfly and Berlin Short Face Tumblers  
Emil Quingua National City CA 619-791-5178 Jensen, choco bar and blue, white, greensel.  
Jay Hayes Oakland CA 510-612-2242 Birmingham rollers, Pensom rollers, Ruby rollers  
Hanif Vohra Milpitas CA 408-592-5607 Iranian/Iraqi/Tippler  
Alan Tawfiq San Diego CA Turkish Tumblers
Billy Robillard San Clemente CA 949-257-6436 German owls, Italian owls, Homers, Baldhead Roller, Danascenes  
Charlie Rowe Riverside CA Horseman Pouters
Oscar Estrada Long Beach CA 310-408-4552 white german beauty homer & other color good breed  
Gurmeet Singh Hilmar CA 209-678-8695 Pakistani High Flyers, Indian High Flyers, and Rollers  
Bassem seif Edmonton CA 780-604-9616 Scandaroons cariere magpie  
Jose Roman Riverside CA 951-224-3952 Birmingham Rollers  
Basit Razvi El Sobrante CA 510-449-5774 Racing Pigeon and Asils  
Dave Henderson Redding CA Performance Rollers
Kevin Butler Adelanto CA 760-246-5883 Birmingham Rollers  
Arturo Sanchez Corona CA 714-683-4463 Rollers  
Asif Mahmood stockton CA 209-712-9494 lovatt tipplers and pakistani highflyers  
Carlos Morales Compton CA 424-223-2439 iranian high flyers  
Ron Johnson Alta Loma CA 909-980-4711 Norwich Croppers-Laudinos-Rafenos  
Terence Stacey Victorville CA Rollers  
Nabhan Jankeel El Cajon CA 619-606-1989 Iraqi Tumblers / Turkish Tumblers
Milad Haghighi Sacramento CA 916-459-9085 Iranian Highflier, Toghi, Archangel, Turkish Tumbler, Strasser, Bruner Pouter  
Joaquin Castro Corona CA 909-525-7159 Gaditano  
Mike K Glendale CA 818-530-3300 Fantail  
Sandra Frizzell Panorama City CA 818-987-3616 Figuritas, Homers, English Carriers  
Jasbir Singh Cupertino CA 408-439-8933 Lahore  
Farhad Nuristani El Cajon CA 619-905-1595 Afghan Shirazi  
Steve Los Angeles CA 818-335-3025 Armenian Tumblers, Iranian Tumblers, Turkish Tumblers
LaRon Doucet El Segundo CA Pensom Rollers exclusively
Wes Askins Oakley CA Racing Homer
Gurpreet Singh nijjar atwater CA 209-681-8136 pakistani high flyer roller malwai shattri wala pigeon tipler and fancy  
Joel Q Sayao Merced CA 669-292-4776 Oshaben Trentons , German beauty , English barbs, Colored homers  
Tony Cardoza Hanford CA 559-582-0536 West Of England Tumblers  
Clint Messerschmidt El Cajon CA 619-390-4082 English Trumpeters & Fantails    
Sajid Shamim Diamond Bar CA 909-228-5799 Lahore, Afghan Sherazi, Pakistani Highflyer, Tippler  
Chai Seng Sacramento CA Fireball/Whittingham Rollers
Medi & Marzy Parsapour Ventura county, Simi Valley CA 925-336-0853 Highflying Persian & Pakistani & Indian, Racing Pigeons  
Horacio Mello Ukiah CA 707-489-0971 Oriental frills, Satinettes Blondinettes. Show flights Domestic flights  
Robert Garcia Chatsworth CA 818-261-5471 Old German Owl  
Jorge Lopez Anaheim CA 714-884-8875 jiennenses * laudinos*granadinos*rafeños* and exotic color homers  
Temel Erdogan Milpitas CA 408-946-8736 Turkish Tumbler
Max Cheung Toronto CA 647-500-4372 English Carrier dragoon German beauty homer  
Dennis Soares San Bernardino CA 909-887-2349 Egyption Swift, Fantails. Bell Neck Rollers  
Viraj Singh Elk Grove CA 347-440-9222 Indian Malwai  
Carlos Navarro Moreno Valley CA 213-509-3934 Rollers, Racing Homers  
Asher Gealon Los Angeles CA 310-846-7908 Racing Homers Colored and White, Parlor Rollers  
Tally Mezzanatto Yucaipa CA 909-797-9757 Valencian Figuritas, Frillbacks, Pigmy/Saxon Pouters, Satinettes  
Ahmad Khaleil Modesto CA 209--818-4861 English carriers, Scandaroons  
Robert Salwey Indio CA 760-342-8194 Old German Owls & Old Dutch Capuchines  
John Heppner Gilroy CA 408-848-3399 Magpies, Homers, Dragoons, Barbs, Berlin Short & Long Face, Eng. Pouters    
Carlos Ochoa Victorville CA Scandaroon, English carriers  
Gurdeep Singh Fresno CA 347-459-5689 Indian high flyers  
Jaspal Singh Mahal Oceanside CA Birmingham Rollers  
David Gallegos Burlingame CA 510-717-3753 Rollers  
All Homsi ventura CA 805-421-9144 shafar Damascn magpie rehani dewlap abrush mfatl German beauty  
Mohammad Jawad Hemet CA 951-239-6197 English carrier ,German purity ,racing homers, American racer Show,Pakistani,read Iraqis,American racer show  
Parminder s sidhu North hills CA 818-822-7640 Racing homer. Pakistani teddy high flyer Indian high flyers  
Emanuel clemente Visalia CA 559-967-0949 Norwich/Horseman/ west’s  
Deng Vang Sacramento CA 916-233-6817 Birmingham Rollers  
Nino Bungcayao Visalia CA 559-667-5814 Scandaroon , racing homer, 16th century ancient breed “THE GRANDMOTHER of -ancestry for all Varieties Baghdad pigeons ( Syrian Carrier/Bagdadi)  
John & Lorna Smith Corning CA 530-565-6522 Rollers  
Pablo Guarnizo Davis CA 530-747-0628 Baby homer pigeons  
Sergio el Baliador Whittier CA 202-642-6703 White Homer, Roller, Picas, White High Fly, Jinense, Hungarian Giant, Rafeno Mix, Gaditano  
Dartalian Mashack Los Angeles CA 323-592-1433 Birmingham Rollers  
Carl Schoelkopf Redding CA 530-243-8816 Racing Homers, including whites; Shakhsharli Tumblers
Steven Xiong Broomfield CO White Homers, Birm. Rollers (Jaconette), Fireball Rollers, Parlor Rollers  
Mark Rosen Boone CO 719-242-3418 Show Type Racing Homers  
Katie Richman Delta CO Old German Owls and Frillbacks  
Ha Do Lakewood CO 303-937-3904 white homer, tumbler, king, ect.  
Angelo Rosete Quail Valley CO 951-970-2902 Pensom Line and G Mason Line  
Isidro Ybanez Jr. Colorado Springs CO 719-330-7532 old style saddel muffed flying tumblers  
Jim Polson Arvada CO 303-870-5348 Birmingham Rollers  
Dennis L. Radi Nunn CO Adana, Ottati Gohzar ( ES), Doneks  
Phil Farrell Black forest CO 719-494-0652 American Fantails, Parlor Tumblers, Tumblers, West of England Tumblers, Racing Homers  
Dan Lichtenwalner westminster CO 720-309-2547 Indian Fantails, Colored Utility Kings, Giant Runts, Pure Indian Mondaines  
John Aslan Plainville CT 860-877-5744 Turkish Tumblers  
Kulbant Singh Newington CT 707-230-1336 pakistani high flyers and indian birds  
Juan Torres Waterbury CT Polish magpies, Ancient Altstämmer Tumble, old classic frillls, budapest,gansels, german beauties,
Khayyam Baig Avin CT 860-778-4142 Runts, Serbian High Flyers, Radian High Flyers  
Casey Ngyen Torrington CT 860-309-6049 Janssen / Busschaert Racing Pigeons  
Raymond Morin portland CT 860-682-2499 Saddle Marked Homers  
Isko Bih Wethersfield CT 603-391-2711 Homing Pigeons  
Agron Kepi Terryville CT 860-819-8113 Serbian High Flyers  
Elvir Nukic Hartford CT 203-901-0970 Serbian Highflier  
Joseph Hess Danbury CT 12032232860 Homers & Baldies  
Joe Hess Danbury,Ct. CT 203-223-2860 Baldies  
Dawn Wisniewski Beacon Falls CT Diamond Doves, Ringneck Doves in Crested, Silky, and Tufted
Jim Sherwood Shelton CT 203-906-7544 Portuguese Tumblers  
Raymond Morin Portland CT 860-682-2499 Saddle and Rare Colored Homers  
Mirwais r Waterbury CT 203-954-9330 Afghani  
Serge Boily Middletown CT 860-982-3519 American Show Racer  
Ray Ruiz Somers CT 860-753-2122 New York City Flying Flights all colors-Tipplers  
Isudin Kuljancic (isko) Hartford CT Serbian Highflier  
Ed Tomasko Shelton CT 203-925-8955 Perf. Rollers, Parlor Rollers, Spanish Timbrado Canaries & Busschaert Racing Homers  
Ardian Kapxhiu Waterbury CT Homing Pigeons  
Joseph Hess Riverside CT 203-792-1947 Colored Homers, Timsora Tumblers, Satinetts
Tony Patti Preston CT 860-889-0497 Champion Helmets - NPA Master Breeder    
Jeff Cap Orange CT Old German Owls & Classic Old Frills
Jayson Pena Avon CT 860-485-4510 Homers
Zeal Yeal east hartford CT 860-778-4142 Pakistani Highflyers  
Zoltan Pap Kelowna DC 778-478-0523 Budapest high flyer (portli) flying tippler  
Vagellis Papas Claymont DE broiler hatching eggs  
Mark Turner Tampa FL 813-312-6786 White Homing Pigeons
Chuck Benson Williston FL 321-356-1213 Racing Homers Trenton Meuleman Janssen Imbrecht based. Russian Tumblers. Birmingham Rollers. English Trumpeters  
Rene Jaquet Melbourne FL 321-626-0197 Cuban Pauters  
Carl Greco Fort Myers FL 239-275-7766 Flying Baldies, Italian Owls, and Classic Old Frills  
Max Newsom Brooksville FL Racing Homers, Perf. Rollers, Chinese Owls, W. of Eng. Tumblers, Modenas  
Jasmin Jazzy Saint Petersburg FL 727-712-7271 Bimingham Rollers, Serbian Highflyers  
Hector Hernandez Tamarac FL 561-239-3086 Canadian Tipplers  
Donald Brumfield Sorrento FL 352-383-8303 white/black racing homers-rollers  
Bob Fey Flagler Beach FL 386-627-3006 Show Homers  
Don Schrunk Fort Myers Beach FL 239-463-4445 Birmingham Rollers strictly performance bred.  
Carlos Castellanos Hialaeah FL 786-281-1329 Laudinos Sevillanos and Jienense Pouters..Classic Old Frill..Old Dutch Capuchines...Damascenes...Old German Owl..
Steve Holder Port Saint Lucie FL 772-267-2590 Pure White Homers, Dove Release and Saddele Homers in Many Colors  
James Celano Brooksville FL 352-835-8791 Homers/Lahores/Shields/moon pigeons  
Alfred Jorgensen St. Petersburg FL 727-866-3579 Not yet  
Ali pour Irvine FL 9499812464 Maltese, German Beauty Homer, English Carrier, Hungarian  
Brent Andersen Jacksonville FL 813-956-9313 Racing Homers Janssen based  
Jonas arceo Destin FL White Homing Pigeons  
Pablo Alfonso Miami Lakes FL 305-335-9881 Laudino Sevillano, Rafeño, Morrillero, Moroncelo, Balear  
Jerry Sweatt Pittsview FL 706-570-4687 Capuchines, show racing homers, racing homers, white racing homers  
Tommy Taylor Palatka FL 386-325-1015 White Utility King Pigeons  
Johnell R Catacutan Englewood FL 941-237-1691 cap head homers isabela high flyers  
Erick Gonzalez Rizo Miami FL Homing pigeons  
Nathan Collaso Downey FL 562-805-3986 Birmingham Rollers  
Cha Vang Hildebran FL 828-502-0780 Racing Homer, Birmingham Rollers, White Doves  
Jack DaSilva Machado New Smyrna Beach FL 386-846-7081 Brimingham Rollers, 4 thumbler breeds, kings,frills, 10 breeds of show pigeons and rare colored homers ect.  
Ernie Garcia Miami FL 786-338-5342 High Performance Pedigree White Racing Pigeons  
Carlos Gonza Lake Worth FL Racing Pigeon  
Samir Tihic Tice Jacksonville FL 904 514-8972 Serbian Highfliers  
Raymond Soto Orlando FL 321-279-2503 N.Y. bald head tumbler, Budapest, Ancients, Italian owl, N.Y. flights. Portuguese tumbler, Trenton homers  
Richard de Leon Hialeah FL 786-444-3035 Buchon Granadino  
Harry Dean Chandler Zamorano Panama FL Gros Mondain  
Talanga Zeljko New Port Richey FL Oriental Roller
Tahsin Ali Palm Bay FL 321-222-8793 Tipplers, Rollers  
Louie Negron Deland FL 386-277-2142 Dutch (Whiteside) & Cologne Tumblers & Tipplers
Ted Grill Palm City FL 772-223-8028 Show Homers, Blondinettes, Dutch Whitesides & Nuns
Dagoberto la rosa Homestead FL 305-926-4893 Laudino Sevillano, Baleres, Rafenos  
Sean Kambiz Nasiri Geneva FL 407-435-5789 Iranian High Flyers / Racing Homers  
Mladen Kisin St. Petersburg FL 727-420-4430 Budapest High Flyer, Homers  
Kenneth Kubik Port Charlotte FL 941-625-6792 White Homer, Wutas, Rhinel and Ringbeaters, Budapest Highfliers  
Alex Perez St Augustine FL Tipplers, Modena
Ezequiel Torres Hialeah FL 305-218-5959 Laudino Sevillano & Jiennense Gorguera  
Gregg L. Friedman Hallandale Beach FL 954-456-1996 Iranian High Flyer  
Jun Santos Palm Beach Gardens FL 561-506-5423 White homing pigeons, white dove release's  
Bruce Alberts Steinhatchee FL Warsaw Butterfly, L.F. Muff Tumblers, Muffed Helmets, Polish Owls, Konigsberg Moorheads, English Short Face Bald Headed Tumblers
Bob Scavone Coral Springs FL Show Flights  
Ben Besenyi Panama City FL 850-866-7514 Homing Pigeons  
Pam Brown Sebring FL 863-253-1045 White Homers  
Roberto R Miami FL 786-209-6207 ny flights, rollers, homers, nuns, magpies, jacobins, german beauty  
Reinaldo Nazco Miami FL 786 260 4455 Thief Pouter, perfect for capturing lost pigeons as well as for sports.  
Dennis E. Weinreich Chico FL Performance Racing Pigeons
Lou Gurino Morriston FL 352-895-4420 Lucerne,Jacobin,Pouters, Lahores,Indian Fantails, Timisora Tumblers,Aachen Shield Owls, Misc Rare breeds  
Shohrat Roshangar Jacksonville FL 904-271-1804 i have all diffened kinds of pigeons beautiful colors, i fly them too, they fly good.  
Jazzy C St Pete FL 727-288-8562 Birmingham Rollers  
Fred & Doris Hencken Jupiter FL 561 744-4677 Eng. Short Face Tumb., Royal Snow Tumb., Flying Tippler caps, Homers
Ted Pratt Fort Walton Beach FL West of England, Capuchines, Oriental Frills, English pouters, pigmy pouters, Fairy Swallows  
Mark Montijo Port Richey FL 352-807-4273 Tipplers and Racing Homers  
Mike Pirrone Jacksonville Beach FL 904-258-1877 Jansen and van riels  
David Birdsell Floral City FL 727-243-5026 Modenas, Kings  
Dragalin Muscan northport FL 941-623-3482 Maltese and Strasser pigeons  
Michael Cioffi Delray beach FL 732-610-0878 Racing Homers  
Fernando Arciga Jacksonville FL 904-333-4423 Racing homers-janssenspigeon , Bosnian tipplers  
Harvey Young Medina FL 618-801-3404 White Racing Homer’s  
Don Brumfield Sorrento FL 352-383-8303 White Homing Pigeons
Raymond Giguere Daytona Beach FL 386-846-8798 Homers  
Jeffrey Sieber Loxahatchee FL 561-541-3839 Show Racing Homers
Steven A. Farwell Port St. Lucie FL 772-878-1663 Indian Fantails Only
Lance Nelson Melbourne FL Pure White Ringneck Doves  
Gary Deming Jacksonville FL 904-699-9590 Grizzle, White, Muelemans, ludo claessens  
Tony Novoa Davenport FL 407-414-4504 Laudino Sevillano  
Audrey W St. Petersburg FL 727-896-4801 Homing pigeons & Serbian Highfliers  
Ranjan Jhinkoo Boynton Beach FL 561-239-4655 Show Racing Homers, American Show Racers  
Kristoffer Ramilo Tarlac FL 923-211-9584 frillback, german old, norwich croopers  
Victor M Conde Naples FL 239-671-8924 Laudinos
John VanDerLinden Englewood FL 941-475-7177 Indian Fantails, Russian Tumblers  
Sammy R Orlando FL Serbian Highflyers  
Mike Muratore Jacksonville FL 904-703-4878 white / grizzles/ janseen racing homers  
Stan Holloway Arcadia FL 863-558-3599 White Homers  
Mohammad Riaz Khan Tampa FL 813-787-5705 Gaditano Pouter  
Edward White Ocala FL Satinettes, Lemon Homers, Chinese Owls, Czech Baghdad, Bernhardin Magpie, Indian Fantails, Aachen Lacquer Shield Owls, Portuguese Tumblers
Brian Lord Ocala FL 352-653-8844 Racing Pigeons and White Bird Release's
Bablu Singh Reno FL 775-772-9040 Pakistani High Flyers  
George Rodriguez Boynton Beach FL 561-396-4560 New York Flights  
Sergio R Charlotte FL 980-213-9010 Pakistani, Oriental Roller, Iranian  
Anniel Castro Deltona FL 407-435-2445 Baleares Valenciano y cubanos  
Chester Davis Weeki Wachee FL 352-597-6881 Trentons, Eagles, Ice Pouters, Silesian Swings, Horner & Pensom Rollers    
William Garbarino Fort Pierce FL 724-579-6466 Mindians, Minature Indian Fantails  
Jorge Luis Miami FL 786-226-2816 Morrillero alicantino, Cuban thief pouters, balear, moroncelo  
Mike Gosine Port Charlotte FL 941-626-3975 Chinese Owls  
Jack Berkey Weirsdale FL 352-821-9969 White Racing Homers  
Chuck Finn Tequesta FL 561-743-6323 Macedonian Turbits  
Vincent L Willis Orlando FL 410-456-5062 Rollers  
Keith Lawton Beverly Hills FL 352-422-1675 Saddle Homers (All colors) Galician Highflyers (Crested and Non Crested  
Jim Richards North Augusta FL 613-926-2953 fullhead silesian, fairy swallows, strassers, polish lynx, hanna pouters, dutch croppers, shield, preists, suabians, modenas.  
Al Muller Pensacola FL 850-255-5616 Italian Owls
David Driggers Ashburn GA Classic Old Frills  
Sakib Mucic Lawrenceville GA 404-488-3298 serbian tipler huskar zovic and alis tiplers  
Sead Ado Zohorovic Cumming GA 770-205-8181 Serbian Highfliers
Hrusto Mucic Lawrenceville GA 678-468-3298 Serbian Highflyers, Tipplers (oscar zovic,nash milic and ali amini)  
Abdul Waheed Lawrenceville GA 678-860-3653 Pakistani Highflyer Tipplers  
Suad Zahirovic Snellville GA 770-982-1748 Sudo  
Aftab Mazhar Dalton GA 706-428-1467 Pakistani high flayer and others  
Sushil Bhattarai Kennesaw GA 678-602-1172 Budapest High Flyers and Tipplers  
John Prosise Atlanra GA 678-524-0944 Pensom /Leymeyer Rollers  
Mac Pitt Norcross GA 678-451-6783 Budapesta Highflyer  
Haji Luqman Conyers GA 678-559-5026 Pakistani High Flyers, Iranian High Flyers  
Ken Hatley barnesville GA 770-358-1300 Rollers  
Salko Nukic Lawrenceville GA 678-770-1415 High flying tippler, serbian high flyer  
Bashar Ali Mir Norcross GA 678-662-7854 Fancy an Lahore  
Garry A. Fuller Sr Columbus GA 706-593-2235 New York Flying Flights, Teagers, Rollers, Elster Purzler (flying magpie), Rare Color Homers  
Saqib Khan Stockbridge GA 571-242-7468 Pakistani High Flyers  
Mike Mooring Eatonton GA 706-485-2879 Flying Oriental Rollers, Colored Homers, Fantails, etc.
Garry Fuller Sr Dallas GA 706-593-2235 Racing Homers  
Zlatko Zlatic Gainesville GA 404 455-6735 Pakistani Highflyers, Serbian Highflyers, Highflying Tipplers, Iranian Highflyers  
Ty Coleman Swainsboro GA 478 237-5462 Performing Rollers
Eldin Nukic Lawrenceville GA 404-935-1403 Racing Homers  
Senad Zohorovic Lawrenceville ATL GA 678-549-6840 Racing Pigeons, Homers
Hristo Krastev Kolev Marietta GA 404-581-2336 serbian high fliers and tipplers  
H. Dzinovic Lawrenceville GA 678-777-8731 Budapest high fliers, budapesti magasroptu keringo, pertlovi  
Karar king Rays Road Stone Mountain GA 770-866-7808 iraqi miski tumbler and Turkish tumbler  
Calvin T. Guyton GA White Homers  
Luis Morales Lawrenceville, Atlanta GA 770-827-8041 Racing Homers, Thief Pouters, Picas, Morillero Spanish Pouters, Pakistani Highflyers
Danielle Marie Ramsey Hephzibah GA 706-993-7452 Classic Old Frill, Portuguese Tumbler, Ringneck Dove, Portuguese Tumbler, Valancian Figurita, and Lucerne Gold collar  
Muhammad Junaid Dalton GA 706-218-6341 Pakistani High Flyers - Imports. Nikolaevsky or Ukrainian SkyCutters. Dewlap - Ablaq, Mosawad, Homsi, Rehani, Mfatal or Frilled Dewlap. Shafar. Jelf Gergati. Lebanon Red Shikli.  
Darren Dupree Talbotton GA 706-566-9502 Birmingham Rollers Deep Spinners  
Samantha Atkins Suwanee GA 770-548-5128 Indian Fantail + Others  
Andrey Svistunenko Lawrenceville GA 678-409-6618 baku tumblers Iranian high flyers, Serbian high flyers, Catalonian tumblers,black Danish tumblers,competition tipplers  
Mohamed Ameen Atlanta GA 404-454-2127 Racing Homers  
Ubaydullah Latif Atlanta GA 404-396-8963 Highflyers tiplers and homers  
Radford Derasin Pahoa HI 808-640-9635 South German Priest, Figurita, Komorners, Bernhardin, Homers  
Loran Larson Sioux city IA Ice pigeons  
Ron White Marathon IA 712-289-6213 Muffed Ice, Muffed Budapest Tumblers, Saxon Monk and Doves  
Edin R Wells-Minthorn Coralville IA 319-855-8290 Oriental Rollers  
Suad Arapovic Urbandale IA 515-943-0128 Flying Rollers Show Rollers  
Senad Djedovic Clive IA 515-334-5137 Birmingham Rollers, Oriental Rollers  
Russell Clayton Creston IA 641-782-5268 Modenas in the colors Bronze and Andulusian  
Rick Wood Otho IA 515-972-4860 English Pouters and Racing Homers  
Marty Coleman Davenport IA 563-650-0412 Nuremburg Lark, Lahore, Silesian Swallow, White Swiss Mondaine, Swift, English Barb, and Birmingham Rollers  
Gene Hochlan Council Bluffs IA 712-322-8039 Rare Colored Racing Homers & Damascenes  
Roger Heywood Britt IA 641-226-6155 Old German Owls, Figuritas and Barbs  
Dursum Dzafic Desmoines IA 515-277-4373 Jaconette Old English Hardesty Rollers, Racing Homers  
Albert Wells North English IA Doneks  
Sefik Ademovic urbandale IA 515-779-5937 Birmingham rollers and Oriental rollers
Adam and Myriah Kunkel Pierson IA 712-454-4774 West of England Tumblers, Birmingham Rollers, Russian Tumblers, White Kings  
Jeff Clemens Badger IA 719-339-6394 English Pouters, Reversewing Pouters, Pigmy Pouters, Racing Homers
Tim R. Bueb Clive IA 515-226-0317 Silesian Pouters, Marchenros, Horseman  
James S Bruner Ottumwa IA 641-226-1068 Birmingham Rollers  
Jim Goyette Spencer IA Doneks and Oriental Rollers  
Rick Peters Winterset IA 515-462-4177 Eng. Trumpeters, Pomeranian Pouters, Eng. Pouters, Reverse Wing Pouters  
Rolly Parrott Atlantic IA 712-254-0027 Frillbacks, Schmalkalden Moorheads  
Antonio Gutierrez Creston IA 641-208-6681 Birmingham Rollers  
Rod Ferguson Ruthven IA 712-380-2256 Ukrainian Skycutters, Rollers  
Randy C. Summy Des Moines IA Flying Rollers - Yellows and Cream bars  
E.J. Smith Lamoni IA 641-784-6702 Racing Homers  
Jeffrey Clemens Altoona IA 719-339-6394 Reversewing Pouters, Norwich Croppers, Mookees, English Pouters
Rick Sands Red Oak IA 712-621-8093 White Homers, West of England Tumblers, Archangels, Fairy Swallows, Flying Homers  
Bob & Norma Vos Sibley IA 712-754-3946 Cupachine, Chinese Owls, Classic Frills, Damascenes, Helmets, Muffed Ice Pigeons, Old German Owls  
Lynn Farmer Cedar Rapids IA 319-361-9256 Flying Rollers, Indian Fantails  
Alan & Lynne Crabtree Treasure Valley ID 208-365-1455 Hollie Cropper, American Mini-Crest, Kormoner Tumblers, Mookies  
Clayton Johnsonm Standpoint ID 208-610-3828 Show type racing homers  
Bagramyan Samvel Filer ID Ukranian, Nikolaevski  
Miles Fleming Boise ID 208-344-5875 White Trenton Racing Homers  
Austin Benjamin Treasure Valley ID 208-722-8040 Birmingham Roller  
Jerry Ricksecker Meridian ID Vienna Tumblers, Barbs  
Vasak Bagramyan Twin Falls ID 208-731-1753 Armenian, yzbek, russian, turkish, kavkaz
Alex Otero The Treasure Valley ID 208-318-8729 Birmingham Rollers of the Jerry Higgins Bloodlines  
Ricky Castillo Worley ID 208-660-7974 Rollers, old English tumblers, white utility kings  
Ben Walker Treasure Valley ID 208-939-0560 Rollers, Homers
RB Higgins Elba ID 208-431-2038 Racing Homers - - Birmingham Rollers  
Bob Blietz Lewiston ID Chinese Owls  
C. Miller Treasure Valley ID 208-453-8395 Uzbekistan Tumblers, West of England Tumblers
Keaton Taylor Boise ID Mindian Fantails  
Aaron Lorton Williamsville IL 217-416-6808 Helmets, Flying Rollers, Show Rollers, Modenas, Show Homers, Fantails, Old German Owls  
Dennis A Beranek Milan IL 309-738-3404 Swiss Mondaine, Barb, Czech Baghdad, Valencian Figurita, Show Racer
Dave Johnson Highland IL 618-675-3635 Birmingham roller pigeons --- Brunner Pouters---- Turner Rollers--- Whiite Sion racing Homers ----West of England Tumblers  
Dale A Jett Litchfield IL 217-324-4654 Oriental Frills, Turbits, African Owls, Chinese Owls, White Racing Homers.  
Greg Mcelhaney Sheridan IL 815-830-1741 Trenton / Fabry Racing Homers  
Mike Memisi Chicago IL 773-308-6428 Tipplers  
Leszek Gontarz Ingleside IL 847-293-2214 Long face polish silver megapie many others pigeon  
Bill Goodwin Payson IL 217-656-4278 Birmingham Rollers & Homers  
Vince Edwards Greenville IL West of England Tumblers, Birmingham Rollers  
Lew Wescott Sterling IL 815-626-7113 Modenas, Helmets, Old Classic Frills, Homers, Chinese Owls  
Jerald Kitchens Decatur IL 217-429-0331 Modenas, Fantails, Jacobins  
Point Pleasant Loft Decatur IL 217-853-9495 Homers (koopman,Kannibaal,K.Dirk,Rauw-Sablon)  
Pat & Ray Scroggins Mt. Zion IL 217-864-2215 National Chinese Owl Club Master Breeder
Mike Lazar Chicago IL 773-716-6444 Pakistan Pigeon  
Normen Khamo Streamwood IL 630-776-3980 Racing Homers, Satinettes, Adana Dewlaps
Jeff Lingle Decatur IL 217-791-9877 Racing Homers Janssen 969,Cont.Cl, Koopman,Kannibaal,Klien Dirk,V/Loon  
Richard Gauch Belleville IL 618-235-5363 Capuchine, Carneau, Racing Homers    
Derek Benson Clinton IL English Carriers  
Joe Harris Polo IL 815-590-7395 Franconian Trumpeter, German Double Crest Trumpeters, Bernberg Trumpeters  
Jerry Ramsey Rochelle IL 815-562-6349 Performing Rollers  
Barry Zarzyczny Decatur IL 217-329-5276 Rollers  
Jamie Tassart Pekin IL 309-349-4921 Homers(Electric Czech, Flor Engels  
Zbigniew Wlodarski Plainfield IL 815-577-9211 Long face german and english polish long face magapie and polish silver and more  
Suedi Murekezi Belleville IL 612-715-1767 Fantail, Racing Homers  
Grigoriy Kats Glenview IL Armenian, Iranian, and Uzbek
Jaroslaw Bucko Addison IL 630-617-5753 Polish Owls, Polish Szeks, Budapest Short Face Tumbler blue graezle
Steve Jannie Neponset IL 309-594-2593 Old line fabrys plus blk racers  
Bob Balensiefen Princeton IL 815-303-1751 Modenas, American Show Racers, Swallows
Vince Edwards Greenville IL fire ball birmingham rollers, west of england tumblers  
Harvey L Young Godfrey IL Illini Racing Pigeon Club - Racing Homers  
Robert Schultz Bloomington IL 309-310-5336 Valencian Figuritas and Italian Owls
Musgrave Manor Lofts Bloomington IN Racing Homers (racing and rare colors), Modenas (regular and toy), Old German Owls, Horseman Thief Pouters, Parlor Rollers
Tony Dasaro Sellersburg IN 812-246-3945 Catalonian Tumblers, Performing Rollers, Berliner Tumblers,and racing homers  
Wayne Graves Lafyette IN 765-474-2853 Short Faced Budapest Tumblers  
Allen Sauls Berne IN Kazan Tumblers; Rostovs
Kosta & Dimce Ristevki Crown Point IN 219-306-3467 Macedonian Donek (taklagija- vrtaci)  
Bailey Kiff Wanatah IN Mookees, Racing Homers, Giant Homers, Parlor Rollers  
Jana Thanan Chennai IN 801-533-7281 homers  
Spring Terrell Bloomfield IN 812-825-7349 Modena, Birmingham Roller  
Nicolaas Seaman Indianapolis IN 317-628-6372 Birmingham Rollers  
John Mcquithy La Fontaine IN 260-571-3218 Racing homers  
Paul Brown Owensville IN 812-664-4619 Ganus
J Moses Mishawaka IN 260-215-2432 Classic old frill, white racing Homers, double crested Transylvanian tumblers, Altenburg Trumpeters, seriphim, white highflyers  
Vlado Bijader Indianapolis IN 317-361-8917 Racing Pigeon  
Mark Kellems Birdseye IN 812-309-9679 Racing Pigeons
Wayne Graves Kingman IN 765-397-3618 Birmingham Rollers  
Chris & Valerie Richmond West bafen IN 812-936-2863 Racing Homers, Flying Rollers, Arch Angels, Utility Kings, Portuguese Tumblers  
Kyle Wilkerson Rockport IN 812-660-2284 Show Kings, Modenas, American Show racer  
Erik Enriquez Elkhart IN 574-523-1603 Racing Homers  
Mark Newby Kokomo IN 765-210-2398 Russian Tumblers  
James T. Blevins Elkhart IN 574-596-5517 English Trumpeters, Norwich Croppers, Saxon Paoters, Brunner Pouters. Damascenes, PortuguseRacers, English Carrier, Italian Owls, Chinese Owls, Voorburg Shield Croppers, Rollers, Palour Tumblers.  
Allen Sauls Berne IN 260-525-4301 Kazan Tumblers; Courtyard Tumblers
Denny Stapp Georgetown IN 812-923-3483 Ringneck Doves, Crested, Tufted, Silky in many colors  
Faham Younus Indianapolis IN 317-538-6869 White Utility Kings  
Michael brandon Ottswa KS 785-214-8971 Rollers, and American Fantails  
Clifton Padgett Chapman KS 316-323-0161 American Giant Homers, Show Kings, Utility Carneau  
Jon Lahman Topeka KS Birmingham Rollers
Clifton Padgett Junction City KS 316-323-0161 Giant homers, Brown utility kings, moravian strassers
Kevin Oliver Wichita KS 316-300-9371 Racing Homers, American Fantail, Jacobin, Indian Fantail  
Gary Boomershine Wichita KS 316-641-6186 American Fantails, Jacobins, Racing Homers  
Lee Freeman Wichita KS 316-8417385 Rollers  
Jerry Sternadel Baldwin City KS Racing Homers (Staff Van Reets, Imbrecht, Crosses), Valencian Figuritas  
Christopher Ly Pratt KS 620-388-3671 Racing Homers, Modenas, Valecian Figuritas, Damascenes
Lee Freeman Wichita KS Rollers  
Mike Hoppers Augusta KS Perf. Rollers, Ori. Rollers, Tipplers, Doneks, NY Flights, Polish HF, Homers  
Nick Tull Atchison KS 913-426-7783 Rare Swiss Crescant Moon Pigeons, Racing Homers (White Trenton's and Houbens) Indian Fantails, Mooreheads, Norwich Croppers, Ladino & Gadianto Pouters  
Bijan Aghayan Kansas City KS Iranian High Flyer
Juan Mares Wichita KS 316-708-5941 Pigeon de carera  
Joe Deitemeyer Richmond KY 606-620-8515 American Fantails, Indian Fantail , Diamond Doves  
Zeljko Cabraja Bowling Green KY 270-320-5033 Kommorner Tumbler  
Nick Mullins Flatwoods KY 606-831-3387 Racing Pigeons  
Alan Payne Owensboro KY 270-926-4863 Flying Tipplers, Racing Homers  
Thomas Boyd Louisville KY 502-594-0991 Rollers  
James Hess Louisville KY 502-645-8207 Performance Rollers in Baker, Fireball, & Turner  
Victor Adams hyden ky KY budapest  
Meho Svl Louisville KY 502-299-8642 Serbian High Flyers  
Todd Engle Mt. Washington KY 502-538-4284 American show racers, Racing homers, Indain Fantails, rollers, doves
Myran Thornsberry Mt.sterling KY 859-404-2843 Homers  
Sarena Martin Flemingsburg KY 606-291-8631 Homers and Tumblers  
Gary Potts Frankfort KY 502-229-1979 Klass Krom,Vander Flaes, Janssen-Trenton-Wally T.  
Tim Dalton Butler KY Frillbacks, Horseman Pouters, Fantails  
Greg West Alexandria KY 859-635-6149 Racing homers, Swifts, Classic Frills, Magpies, NY Flights, Figuritas, Zitterhals, Starlings  
Cody Boone New Haven KY 502-827-4733 German Beauty Homers  
Nick Mullins Flatwoods KY 606-831-0920 Kommorner  
Tony Overstreet Hustonville KY 606-706-3755 Turkish Tumbler, saddle muff tumblers,Trenton racing homers  
Tommy Mouton Carencro LA 337-962-2924 Hubbells and Modenas  
Robert T. Brown, Jr. Shreveport LA Racing Homers  
Nickolas R. Fontenot Turkey Creek LA 337-831-6746 Maltese, Scandaroons, Vienna Medium Face Tumblers, Rare Colored Homers, Rhine Ringbeaters  
Brad Stuckey Deville LA 318-792-8693 Archangels, German Modenas, Swallows, Thuringian Whiteheads, and Saxon Whitetails  
Don Brasseaux Breaux Bridge LA 337-278-5413 Texan Pioneer  
James Sims Robeline LA 318-352-6289 Friar cap catalonians  
Rickey Brasseaux Carencro LA 337-849-3512 Mondenas / Homers  
Zubair M Chaudary Lake Charles LA 337-794-5271 Pakistani and Indian High Flyers  
Pharoah Johnson Baton Rouge LA 225-978-4357 Doneks  
Hakan Sumer Baton Rouge LA 225-276-9191 Turkish Tumblers  
Paul Fontenot Ville Platte LA 337-831-9498 Texan Pioneers  
Jason Arguelles Slidell LA 985-290-7612 White Homers  
Modie Mascagni Vidalia LA 601-809-1524 White Homers, English Tippers, Macedonian Doneks, and German Doneks  
Norman Usie Breaux Bridge LA 337-332-1459 Texan Pioneer  
Mike Simon Breaux Bridge LA 337-278-5429 Racing Homers Rare Colors  
Byron Williams Slidell LA 985-649-7601 Racing Homers
Brent Harrington Kaplan LA 337-652-5366 Modena, Auto Sex Texan Pioneer, American Giant Homers  
Donald Weichold Monroe LA 318-343-0233 Racing Homers, Bogosians, Sians (Heitsmans) Show Homers  
Patrick Pratt Shreveport LA 318-936-0713 Homers  
Rocky Romero New Iberia LA 337-789-1252 Giant Runt  
John Fuqua Pineville LA Archangels, Owls, Classic Frills  
Tyler Rico New Orleans LA 504-644-8861 Ring-Neck Doves  
Timoleon Baco Granville MA Birmingham Rollers  
Paul Maywald Granby MA Birmingham Rollers, Divers
Kristoffer Manalokon Springfield MA 413-626-9034 White/Grizzle Racing Pigeons
Eric A. Patin Northfield MA 323-363-8984 Birmingham Rollers, Parlors, White Racing Homers, & 378 Indian Fantails  
Ed Maas Orleans MA 508-255-2222 Oriental Frills, Fantails, Schmalks, Homers  
Gennadiy Revzin Worcester MA 508-410-4758 Nikolaevsky or Ukrainian Skycutters  
Dan Sar Worcester MA 508-963-9904 Pakistani High Flyers  
Jack Pio Springfield MA 413-783-9534 Birmingham Rollers, American Rollers, Fantails, White Homers  
Ailton Monteiro Brockton MA 774-297-1037 Mondenas , king, French mondain, Pomeranian Pouter and other breeds  
Renaldo Padilla Indian Orchard MA Canadians[prints]tipplers  
Joao Pacheco Billerica MA 978-751-0532 Pomeranian Pouters  
Jim T Ilnicky Leverett MA 413-259-5608 Almond racing pigeons, and Cadian high flyers  
John Holyoke Attleboro Falls MA 774-219-9883 Racing Pigeons Club & 1 Loft Birds Gordon / Schofield / Bekeart / Sablan / Brockamp / Klaas / Merckx
Lau Vicente Brockton MA 774-259-9782 Indian Fantail, classic old frill, Oriental frill, Lucerne, starling  
Mark Lufkin Middleboro MA 508-947-6096 Chinese Owls, Hungarians, Rollers  
Andy Miner Methuen MA Chinese Owls  
Vannak Kong Southampton MA 413-250-8064 Birmingham Rollers  
Ami Ray Rockland MA 781-962-1995 Champion Rollers, Tripplers, Homers, Mixed and Fantails.  
Enio cadadouro Fall River MA 508-837-8841 Fantasy birds  
Paulo Franca New bedford MA 774-365-2342 African owls blodinetts american fantail English long face muffs and clean l brunners pouters  
Frank Pietrasiuk Easthampton MA Portuguese Tumblers  
Jerry Barroso Framingham MA 978-375-6261 Pomerania, Reversedwing, Hana and Saxon Pouters  
Bill Davis Berlin MA 978-838-2914 Russian Tumblers, English Trumpeters, Komorners, Capuchines    
Gilliandro Bacosta Bellingham MA 401-332-5405 Racing pigeons. Manny good breeds  
Mario Alves Taunton MA Pomeranian Pouter  
Nuno A. Melo Fairhaven MA 774-301-0780 Pomeranian Pouters, Russian Tumblers, White Kings, Racing Pigeons, Utility Hunts  
Fred Madden Braintree MA 781-843-8008 Performing Rollers, Rare Colored Flying Rollers
Monte Scruggs Delmar MD Persian High Flyers  
Willie Love Forest Hills MD 443-299-7977 NY Flights and Canadian Tipplers  
Sohail ashraf Glenburnie MD 410-903-1131 Pakistani high flier  
John Kio Bowie MD 240-581-3802 Greek Nose Divers (wutas), Greek Doneks and Macedanian Turbits.  
Chris Goedeke Lothian MD Indian Fantails  
Rick Needy Smithsburg MD 301-988-0388 Budapest Highflyers  
Yul Foster Baltimore MD 410-262-7513 Tipplers  
Ali Baloch Waldorf MD 301-659-0786 Pakistani  
Frank Tanzymore Baltimore MD 410-233-5820 Tippler  
Steve Agent Pikesville MD 443-881-6500 Birmingham Rollers  
Salvador Martinez Bel Air MD 443-356-2628 Homings, Dewlaps and Doneks  
R Khan Baltimore MD Pakistani 9H+ high flyer pigeon  
Anthony Harris Baltimore MD Rollers  
Bilal Arif Greenbelt MD Pakistani High Flyer, Indian High Flyer  
W Khan Reisterstown MD 443-413-8075 Pakistani High Flyer  
Ali Iravani Rockville MD 301-807-9631 Persian High Flyers  
Miguel Smith Capitol heights MD 202-344-0494 Turkish Tumbler, helmets. iraqian tumbler  
Talha Gursoy Gaithersburg MD 571-268-3300 Turkish Thumblers, Miro, Iraqian Thumblers  
Sumant Chakravarthi Adelphi MD 301-351-1276 White Homing Pigeons  
David Awkward Baltimore MD 443-271-2342 Birmingham Rollers  
Jasmin Mastalic Lanham MD 301-793-3467 Serbian Highflyer  
Elwood J Thomas Glen Burnie MD 410-314-8893 Homing pigeons, satinettes  
Melissa Collins Skowhgan ME 207-612-8101 American Fantails  
Kara Lyons Bangor ME 503-758-7894 Old German Owls, English Magpies, American Show Racers, Ringneck Doves  
Wayne Myers Wells ME 207-251-3359 Whittingham Performing Rollers  
Brett Savage Augusta ME 352-239-3315 Burmingham Rollers, Komorner Tumblers
Roger Lizotte Mechanic Falls ME 207-212-9185 Pomeraian Pouters  
Kara Marie Day Pittsfield ME Damascene  
Charles Reale Kennebunkport ME 207-283-0340 Archangels, Frillbacks, Ice pigeons, Parlor Rollers, Indian Fantails  
Markos Mavrogiannis Wytopitlock ME 781-652-1226 voutas( nose divers),Russian tumblers, monks, belneck rollers  
Jeff Letellier Arundel ME 207-467-0137 LFCL Tumblers, Whites and Blacks. Show homers  
George A. Davis Goodells MI 810-325-1644 White Homing Pigeons, Racers, Tipplers, Helmets, Fantails  
Don Aldrich Sodus MI 269-363-1884 White Racers, Performing Rollers, Italian Owls, Satinettes, Pakistani Highfliers, Budapest Highfliers
Mark Gendron douglas MI 616-218-8222 Oriental Rollers  
Dragi Ognjanovski Macomb MI Serbian High Fliers, Armenian Backtail Tumblers  
Jerry Zeerip Allegan MI 616-318-8160 Giant Homers, Figuritas, Mookee  
Don Aldrich Sodus MI 269-282-8449 Portuguese Tumblers / Doves
Gary Hulst Zeeland MI 616-688-5522 Horseman Pouters and Swing Pouters
Mike Tahhan Ypsilanti MI 734-673-1844 Iraqi Basrawi, Homers, NY Flights  
Lee kazz Sterling Hights MI 586-817-0082 Iranian High Flyers, Pakistani High Flyers  
Paul Vedolich Imlay City MI 810-724-0954 White Racing Homers  
Bozinovski Vanco Washington Twsp MI 586-381-0043 Macedonian Doneks and Turkish High Fliers (baska)  
James E Martin Watervliet MI 269-332-7982 Horseman thief pouters, American fantails, and homers  
Michael Phillips Hudsonville MI 616-889-5291 White Homer  
Alberto Ruiz Grand Rapids MI 616-710-6644 Racing Pigeons  
Michael E. Wagner Midland MI Old German Owls  
Mendo Mojan Southfield MI 313-520-700 Doneks, Turbits, Greek Divers  
Rivil Yaldo Sterling Heights MI 586-275-7334 jacobin,oriental rollers,pakistani hight fly,iraqi tumbler,iraqi basrawi rollers,and racing pigeons  
Ray George Aboona Sterling Heights MI 248-525-1155 Racing, Turkish, Iraqi, White Homers, Pakistani High Flyer  
Curtis W. Brown beaverton MI 989-435-7487 barless homers archangles starlings giantrunts carneus racing homers  
Evan Krager Bay City MI 989-714-6566 Rare-Colored Racing Homers  
Abdulfattah Haidara Melvindale MI 313-401-1800 Homers  
Hayder Mohamed Detroit MI 313-482-8882 Turkish iraqi homers Iranian  
Ned Bajric Grand Rapids MI 616-430-2431 Serbian Highflyers  
Boban Vanevski Macomb MI 586-876-1688 Homers, Tipplers ,Rollers, Doneks, German Owles, Figuritas, White Tipplers, White Homers  
Mohamad S Houmani detroit MI 313-478-6188 Scandarons,Dewlaps,Turkish Tumblers,Homers  
Samir Dzafic Grand Rapids MI Oriental Roller, Hungarian Highflyer, English Trump., Old German Owls  
Ron L. Baird Kalamazoo MI 269-330-0822 American saddle fantails
Hasan Ameen Hussein Melvindale MI 929-355-2324 Racing pigeons
Jeff Newsom Jackson MI White Homers
Lou Youkhanna Troy MI 248-821-3377 Pakistani High Flyers  
Camilo Marrero Marshall MI 269-615-8642 Buchones Deportivos (sport pigeons)  
Srecko Zdravkovic Sterling Heights MI 586-738-4227 Flying Egyptian Swifts, Old German Owl, White Indian Fantail  
Zvonko Kolic Waren MI 586-757-5851 Serbian Highflyers  
Lou Youkhanna Troy MI Pakistani High Flyers  
Frank McNamara Mason MI 517-391-7471 Jacobin, Oriental Owls, Indian Fantails, Satinets  
Allen Abraham Lansing MI 517-715-7368 Tipplers , uzbek tumblers, new york highflyers , turkish tumblers , homers , Rollers  
Amir Hrnjic Grand Rapids MI 616-698-2952 Oriental rollers, German owls and Backa tumblers  
Artan Braho Holland MI 616-566-6448 Homers, and Pouters  
Gerald A. Novak Vulcan MI 906-563-8951 Turkish Tumblers  
Beto Ruiz Grand rapids MI 616-710-6644 Oriental Frill Satinette  
Husseen Roomy Detroit MI 313-693-8463 Iraqi Tumblers, Turkish Tumblers, Iranian High Flyers, Tipplers
Jeff Wozniak Linwood MI 989-697-8626 American Show Racers, West of England Tumb  
Michael Rex Bay City MI 989-686-0786 Spanish Thief Pouters and Catalonian Tumblers  
Hasan Sakaca Detroit MI 248-506-9465 Turkish Pigeons  
Sebastian Oprea Farmington Hills MI 248-595-3102 Budapest H F, Oriental Rollers, Krasnodar Tumblers, Transilvania Double Crested, Homers and Tipplers  
Victor Semaan West Bloomfield MI 248-820-2203 Tumblers and Rollers  
Rob Joynes Allegan MI 269-512-1984 Racing homers, Tipplers  
Joe Candela Lapeer MI 810-667-9272 Homers, white, black. Rollers. Tipplers  
Afton Bluff Lofts Afton MN Rollers, NY Flying Flights, Tipplers, Domestic Show Flights, Parlors, Galician High Flyers, Racing Homers (Whites & Colored), Ringneck Doves, Swiss Mondains,  
Chance Lee Saint Paul MN Wutas, Pedigreed Meulemans and Klaas Homers  
Jeff Woodside Albert Lea MN 507-373-4635 White Homing Pigeons  
Pheng Anthony Thao Maplewood MN Racing Homers & Rollers  
Gordon Eaton Willow River MN 612-366-7794 Flying Oriental Rollers, White Homers, Bokara Trumpeters
Alan DeGrote Worthington MN Kelebek, Turkish Tumblers  
Chris Boucher Cold Spring MN 320-250-7143 Stencil Racing Homers, Gimpel Racing Homers, Barless Homers  
Abdullahi Hussain Newport MN Colored Homers  
Jon Bourgoin Saint Paul MN 651-483-0553 Racing Pigeons
Cheng Lee Saint Paul MN 651-399-3266 Racing Homers, Doneks, Rollers, FORS, Satinettes
Stephen P. Nelson Preston MN 507-765-4979 White Homers  
Menkel Menendez Faribault MN 507-412-3119 Palomas Buchonas y Laudinos Rafenos y Figuritas  
Larry Wilmes Mankato MN 507-381-6348 American Giant Homers  
Bruce Rhode Brownton MN 952-290-0900 Valencian Figuritas, Performing rollers, Ringneck Doves
Bob Coulter Owatonna MN 507-451-4274 Jacobin, German Strasser, Homers: Black Eagle, Yellow, Saddle.  
Alex Burlakov Minneapolis MN Uzbek , Turkish , Armenian - Baku , North Kavkaz tumblers. Rostov , Volga and Novocherkassk tumblers ( statnie. Fantails )  
Jennifer Johnson North Branch MN Show Quality Chinese Owls
Harold Raymond Ryan Stover MO 573-789-7792 20 different breeds  
Louis Derry St. Joseph MO Birmingham Rollers, Racing Homers  
Frank LaChapelle West Plains MO 417-256-2053 Giant Runts    
Michelle Smith Marshall MO West of England Tumblers, Birmingham Rollers, Egyptian Swifts, and Old German Owls
Dan Chiras Gerald MO 720-273-9556 Barred, spangled, and white ice pigeons, rollers, homers, fantails, and tipplers  
Ted Glowczwski Warrenton MO 314-495-6247 Flying Oriental Rollers  
John Skistimas Oak Grove MO 816-690-4560 Oriental Rollers
Charles Nutt Vandalia MO Performing Rollers, Racing Homers & Doves  
Virgil Smith Vandalia MO American Fantails, Performing Rollers,  
Andy Anderson Corder MO 816-519-8453 Birmingham Rollers, Italian Owls, Classic Old Frills  
Danny Sturgeon Madison MO 660-291-8261 Birmingham Rollers  
Steve Beck Gallatin MO 660-605-1790 Lahores,white lace fantails,show rollors  
Nick Lin Lees Summit MO 646-881-3288 Racing Homers & White Homers  
Yivan Amistad St. Louis MO 314-917-0530 Homers  
Jeovany Marimon sedalia MO 660-596-1250 White Homers  
Mehmedin Nukic St.louis MO 314-397-5159 Rollers  
Bill Burgess Richland MO 660-365-0164 Racing, American Fantails, Indian Fantails  
Robert Fleming Leeton MO 660-238-5242 Birmingham Rollers, White Racing Homers  
Orin DuChien Pickering MO English Trumpeter, Altenburg Trumpeter, Arabian Trumpeter, Egyptian Swift  
Paul Brown St. Joseph MO 816-238-1936 Birmingham Rollers, Racing Homers
Randall Duvall Saint Robert MO 573-336-5896 English Carriers
Tony Chavarria Seymour MO 417-935-4751 Birmingham Rollers: Ruby Strain
Trevor Rick pleasant hill MO 816-809-8896 Koro's Tumblers , Warsaw Butterflys, and West of England tumblers
Victor Miller Piedmont MO Rollers, Homers, Kings and Jacobins  
George Beebe Noel MO Pure GAINT Runt  
Kevin Powell Kirksville MO White, black, blue bar racers  
James Geting Mountainview MO 417-280-1077 Racing Pigeons  
Jeffrey Lauer St.Robert MO 573-433-0423 Indian Fantails, American Fantails, Rollers, Modeans, Frillbacks, and Parlor Tumblers  
Tony Chavarria Seymour MO 417-935-4751 Birmingham Rollers
Lance Simmons West Plains MO 417-256-8318 Taganrog (Chilik) Tumblers, and Racing Homers  
Daniel Sturgeon Madison MO 660-291-8261 Birmingham Rollers (Mee Family)  
Beth Sieckman Boonville MO 660-537-2768 English Trumpeters, Indian Fantails, Rollers
MaryBeth Pacific Elsberry MO Rollers, Homers
Donovan Meeks Saint Louis MO 314-319-7013 White Racing Homers, Rare Flying Rollers  
Herbert L Pape warrenton MO 636-359-2261 Swiss Mondaines, Other Lg Whites, Plus Homers  
Vicki Watkins Batesville MS Schmalkalden Moorhead, Reverswing Pouters. Maltese, Magpies, Nuns.  
Otis Salter Mosspoint MS 228-990-1579 New York Tipplets, black and copper prints,yellows, blues, blacks,reds  
David Westbrook McCall Creek MS 601-748-2150 White homers, Racers, Rollers.  
Jack Schubarth Vaughn MT 406-467-2910 Lebanons, dewlaps, coop tumbles swifts  
Ron Cochell Corvallis MT 406-360-9802 Fireballs, and Fantails  
Scott J. Gray Great Falls MT 406-231-6840 Performance Rollers, Show Racing Homers, English Trumpeters.  
Jamie Imbery Stevensville MT 605-290-4218 Performance Rollers (Turner and Rich Hayes strain)  
Mohsen aboela Lincolnton NC 704-308-5575 Egyptian Swifts  
Mohsen Aboela Lincolnton NC 704-240-9096 Egyptian Swifts  
Lawrence Bambarger Albemarle NC Mindian fantails, Komorner tumblers, performing Rollers  
Joe Mitchell Sanford NC 919-774-3227 Performing Rollers/ Wutas/ Homers and Others
Bruce Gaudet Fuquay-varina NC 919-552-0955 Flying Flights and English Short Face Tumblers, Racing Homers, Helmets, Shortface Budapest, Ancient, Reinenugan, Polish Owls
Ernie Chavis Jacksonville NC 843-263-9462 Frillbacks  
Nathan Childs, Jr. Hope Mills NC 910-423-2857 Pure White Homers
George Fontaine New Bern NC 252-636-1948 Olde Style Saddle, Muffed Tumblers, Baldhead Muff Tumblers  
Ken Fabricatore Raleigh NC 919-520-3374 Indian Fantails, Turbits  
Emmett Wallace Ellenboro NC 828-305-3254 White Homers, Birmingham Rollers, Old Dutch Capuhines
Paul Vang Hickory NC 336-949-7495 Homers  
Butch Short Fayetteville NC 910-709-9427 Birmingham Rollers  
William Blue Lincolnton NC Birmingham Rollers/Indian Fantails/Parlor Rollers  
Sergio R Charlotte NC 980-213-9010 Baku, Krasnodar, Iranian All Tumblers High Flyer Pigeons  
Ray Crenshaw Kannapolis NC 704-224-3586 Birmingham Rollers  
Feras jaber Charlotte NC 951-870-3874 Egyptian swift , asfar , otatis,ambory,walnut, scandaron,polish Helment, Warsaw butterfly  
Carlos Franco Bernal Swannanoa NC Spanish Thief Pouters/Palomas Ladronas  
Donald Locklear Red Springs NC 910-316-4651 White Homers, Jacobins, Indian Fantials, Modenas, English Trumpets, Saxon Swallows, Pomeranain Pouters  
Charles l. Pearson Battleboro NC 252-314-5455 dewlaps, portuguese, vienna and timisoara tumblers, german beautys, polish lynx, asr,s,dragoons, horseman pouters, holle croppers, egyptian and halaby swifts, bagdads and others from time to time.  
Cha Vang Hildebran NC Racing Homers, Satinette Droppers, White Doves  
James Horton Winston-Salem NC 336-788-9032 Mindians  
Chris Ervay Apex NC German Beauty Homer  
Rick Smith Linwwod NC 336-853-6432 White Racing Homers  
Yang chang Hickory NC 828-302-8150 American giant runt swiss mondaine  
Gordon Stone Rocky Point NC 910-471-3242 Racing Homers, White Homers,  
John Truslow Salisbury NC 704-640-4239 Indian Fantails, Old German Owls, Capuchines, Saxon Monks, Shakhsharlis, Ringneck and Diamond Doves  
Bernie Gignac Huntersville NC 704-875-0655 none yet would like indian fantails  
Yudier Marrero Charlotte NC 704-756-9361 Racing Homers
Joel Lundy Lexington NC 336-250-7182 Komorner tumbler, budapest, warsaw butterflies, and doves  
Michael George II Raeford NC 910-848-5066 Homing Pigeons, Rollers  
Dexter Farmer Pink Hill NC 252-933-2326 Birmingham Rollers  
Thinh Tran Charlotte NC 704-458-2940 Pure white Pomeranian pouters and Pure white velencian figuritas.  
Dexter Farmer Pink Hill NC 252-933-2326 Racing Homers  
Donald Locklear Red Springs NC 910-843-2135 American & Indian Fantail  
Mike Melton Raeford NC 910-818-8903 english carriers, english magpies, saddle homers, yellow homers, show racers  
Harvey Hill New Bern NC 252-638-3978 Mookees, Crestless Helmets  
Larry O'Brien Charlotte NC White Racers,Flights, Tipplits,Budapest and various other breeds
Eddie Ortiz Wilmington NC 917-861-3456 Budapest and Budapest ganzels  
Joe Mitchell Sanford NC 919-721-2764 Rollers, Doneks, Bohemian Tiger Swallows , Satinettes  
Justin Weaver Waxhaw NC 704-264-7577 Picas Pouters, Horseman Pouters, Rollers, & Racers  
Yucel Azamet Raleigh NC 919-995-1760 Turkish Tumbler  
Moussa Ba Concord NC 603-854-2103 Lahores, Damacenes, Arabian Trumpeters, Indian Fantails Thailand Laughers, Texan pioneers, Swiss Mondains  
Danny Joe Humphrey Kinston NC 800-527-0918 Ice-Capuchines-Shakhsharli-Figuritas-Frillbacks-Crescents-Turner Rollers
Darren Dowless Saint Pauls NC 910-676-3112 Exhibition Homers and Bandits Racers  
Bogdan Panasyuk Indian trail NC 425-535-7996 English Long Faced Tumbler Clean legged, pigmy pouters, Portuguese tumblers  
Kathrin Volochenko Kief ND 701-818-9309 Performing Rollers, White Racing Homers, Colored Racing Homers  
David Wolfer Bismarck ND Looking for Fancy Pigeons  
Sandeep Pokharel Gibbon NE 308-224-7554 Tipplers, Pakistani Highflyer, Iraqi Highflyer  
Jerry Andersen Omaha NE 402-455-2895 Russian Tumblers  
Greg Volzke Juniata NE 402-744-4961 Saxon Whitetails, Spots & Storks - Muffed Ice, C.L. Ice, Arabian Trumpeters  
Brock Clouse Lexington NE German Owls, Italian owls and a few others  
Brian Freeman Overton NE 308-325-9430 Chinese Owls MasterBreeder, Classic Old Frills  
Bob McGuan Saint Libory NE 308-687-6304 Performing Rollers, Marchenero Pouters, Gaditano Pouters, Rafeno Pouters
Naser Behnia Epping NH Yellow Rollers  
Ersad Smajlovic Manchester NH 603-738-1887 Serbian High Flyers
Ben Cooper Newton NH 603-952-2218 Ukrainian Skycutters  
Anastasia Shephard Littleton NH 614-354-1836 Rollers  
Phil DeCarlo West Orange NJ 973-736-1837 Short Face Helmets    
Elliot Carrasquillo Vineland NJ 856-899-9718 Birmingham Rollers  
Bob Alimpijevic Hightstown NJ 908-271-4353 White Homers (High Flying Pigeons)  
Tariq Siddiqui Franklin Park NJ 917-435-1498 High flying, Prince Kamagar, Teddy, Golden  
Steve Ceasar Milton NJ Toy Modenas, colored Racing Homers, Rollers, Portuguese Tumblers
Moe Zakaria Trenton NJ 609-532-7607 African awls. Egyptian safi. Rehani .yellow gbh. Modern satinet. Modern English carrier. Scandroon. . Terbutt .  
Mohsen Abo-ela Hillsdalle NJ 201-270-8841 Egyption Swifts  
Michael J. Toscano Asbury NJ 908-479-1030 russian tumblers, flying rollers, homers  
Almir Ganibegovic Cinnaminson NJ 609-247-7744 Budapest High Flyers & Deresi Hungarian High Flyers
Bojan Mihailovic Belleville NJ 732-259-8976 Serbian Highflyers, Tipplers  
Daynel Gonzalez Guttenberg NJ 201-927-3753 Cuban Pouter  
Daynel Gonzalez West New York NJ 201-927-3754 Cuban Pouters  
Mike McCarthy Englishtown NJ 732-446-5074 Show Racers and Racing pigeons  
Malik Ammad central new jersey NJ 732-784-8690 Pakistani High flyers. Teddy, Kamager and Sialkoti  
Darrell Jicha East Brunswick NJ 732-266-5413 Marchenero Pouters, Black Eagle Homers  
Vinny Zaffarese Freehod NJ 732-856-0272 Helmets, Flying Flights, Black Homers, Budapest Hiflyers (red grissle necks), White Bar Tiplets  
Acko Brkic Delran NJ 609-320-0362 Serbian Highflyers  
Ugur Kahraman Delran NJ 856-242-4575 Turkish Tumblers, Tipplers, Homers, Sebabs, and other breeds  
Ugur Kahraman delran NJ 856-242-4574 Turkish Tumblers, Tippler Pigeons, other high flyers  
Mike McCarthy Englishtown NJ 732-618-2494 White Racing Homers  
Mirsad Ganibegovic Delran NJ 856-397-1537 Racing Homers  
Ahmed Amoni Morristown NJ 609-334-3825 Afghan Shirazi, Afghan Locke, Afghan Muscke, Afghan Pathain and Etc.  
Israel Pagan Nrkewa NJ 973-901-5300 American Show Racer  
Ruth Careri Hackensack NJ 201-877-3253 VanLoon and DeVriendt racing pigeons  
Serdar Uras Beverly NJ 609-346-2010 Adana lee - fantail -donek  
Stacey Croskey Perth Amboy NJ 732-762-5410 tipplers and others on occassion
Stephen Bishop Union NJ Racing Homer, Komorner Tumbler
Jay L. Newark NJ 646-287-4702 Jacobin  
Huseyin Turk Cinnaminson NJ 856-522-9238 Turkish tumblers/fantails/highfliers/doneks  
Brian Goodwin Hobbs NM 575-393-1478 Polish Lynx, Moravian Strassers, Thuringer full head swallows, clean leg ice, barless larks all birds imported from Europe.
Mickey Jackson Carlsbad NM 505-885-5373 English Trumpeters, Fantails, Old Dutch Turbits & More  
Junior Ceballos Roswell NM 575-840-6897 English Trumpeters, Fantails, Frillbacks  
Leonard Gabaldon Albuquerque NM 505-414-9308 Jacobins, Frillbacks and Bokhara Trumpeters  
Edward Sandifer albuquerque NM 505-204-3233 Marchenero and Rafeno pouter's and other theif pouter's  
Royce Perry Hobbs NM 575-390-5418 English Trumpeters, Holle Croppers, Pomeranian Pouters, Norwich Croppers, Hanna Pouters, Old Dutch Turbits, Frillbacks Racing Homers  
Saul Villagrana Las Cruces NM 575-649-5999 Reversewing Pouter, Norwich Pouter, Indian Fantail, Homers
Rafael Pupo Las Vegas NV 702-303-6024 White Hommers  
John Manzella Navada NV 702-657-9748 Flight Helmet  
Nash Milic Las Vegas NV Tipplers and Doneks
Fara Redfield Las Vegas NV 702-523-0563 Turkish Tumblers, Uzbek Tumblers.  
Ravi Singh Reno NV 845-842-8784 Pakistani high flyer  
Babar Mir Reno NV 775-338-9004 Pakistani High Fliyers  
Rich Barschdorf Las Vegas NV 702-526-3496 Chinese Owls, West of Englands, and White Release Homers.  
Kathy Braden Fallon NV Houbans, Kannibaal, Jan Aarden, Klaas Krom, Janssen x VanMoorsel, Sions  
Rajwinder Singh Ravi Reno NV 775-600-7374 Pakistani high flyer Indian  
Harry Singh Guraya Reno NV 775-440-7725 Pakistani High Flyers  
George Ruiz Henderson NV 702-238-2640 Birmingham Rollers
Stan Burke II Reno NV Sion Racing Homers, Czech Ice Pouter, Parlor Tumblers, Indian Fantails, Dragoons
Abdul Karim Farooqi Buffalo NY 716-381-9432 Lovett Tippler  
Jamie Richardson Dundee NY 607-243-3727 Egiptian swift and Racing Pigeons  
Sal Santora Staten Island NY 718-979-4261 Tipplers, NY BaldHeads, Rollers, Flights
Redjeb Bekir Brooklyn NY 917-770-4661 Rollers  
Kadir Demirci Islip NY 631-805-2823 Doneks, Adana Dewlaps  
Cetin Alkan Port Washington NY 516-784-7679 Turkish Tumblers (taklaci)  
Norberto Delgado Brooklyn NY 917-597-7809 Hollenders / rollers/ whiteside / Canadians /flights / button head white bars/ budapest  
John Friedel Hicksville NY Archangels, Shortface Budapest Tumblers  
Nick Wood Marlboro NY Portuguese Tumblers and Lahores  
Abbas Abbie Huntington NY 631-278-1081 Iranian High Flyers  
Pedro Andre Tavarez Brooklyn NY 646-239-1484 Solid color Performing Rollers, Portuguese Tumblers  
Allen Gage South Dayton NY 716-988-3423 Birmingham Rollers, Archangels, American Fantails, Homers
Rich Bailin Commack NY New York Flying Flights
Augie Pagano Carmel NY 845-519-3094 Budapest High Flyers & Tipplers  
Gerald Laclair Wayland NY 585-728-9037 Syrian Homers  
Dom Sciame Seaford NY Performing Rollers, Oriental Rollers, Turkish Tumblers  
Youzdjan Bekir Brooklyn NY Turkish Tipler  
Shokri Enbawe Albany NY Racing Homers  
Nick Stads Long Island NY Roller Pigeons & Serama
David Nelson Penn Yan NY 315-536-7038 Indian Fantails, M. F. Viennas, Figuritas  
Joe Gozdziak Buffalo NY 716-472-1277 German Beauty & Homing Pigeons  
Chris Reyes Rockland NY 646-302-1135 Tipplers, Cumulets, Helmets, Show Flights, Lace Rollers, Flying Baldies  
Ray Castor Adams Center NY 315-222-4566 Janssen, Sion, Hannsen  
Joe Polidoro Medford NY 631-445-2274 Dutch Whiteside Highfliers , Racing Homers, Radar Pouters
Salvatore Piccinini West Islip NY 516-672-8122 New York Flying Flights  
Darren Godette Fort Ann NY Damascenes, White Homers, Red Ribbontail Rollers, Flying Catalonian Tumblers, Friar Cap Catalonian Tumblers, Husband Oriental Rollers, Lebanons.
John Bower Hamlin NY 585-964-9213 Pomeranian Pouters, American Show Racers, Fantails, Dragoons, Chinese Owls, Brunner Pouters, Capuchines, English Magpies (yellow only).  
Kevin Ryan Staten Island NY 917-817-6691 Lucernes in barrless and barred. Gold collar. Creme checker and creme bar. And Yellow Shields. All from imported stock  
Michael Bilis New York City NY 646-241-7509 Tippler cap's  
Alican Dagdeviren Levittown NY 516-528-8821 Turkish Tumbler  
Dorian price Rosedale NY 718-600-6319 Flying Oriental Roller, Tipplers, Birmingham Roller  
Mike DeMartino New York NY 914-447-0427 Issibella. Flights and NY Flights  
Angelino Aponte Corning NY 607-346-0477 White Delbar/Kuhn X disney Homers- Danish tipplers- German Bronze tipplers-bald head rollers Birmingham.  
George Khodzhayev Forest hills NY 516-476-6322 Uzbek short face  
Mark Coppola Oswego NY 315-729-7546 Homers  
Larry Losee Preston Hollow NY Racing Homers ( Sion and Bastins ) Classic Old Frills Blondinettes  
Sal Piccinini West Islip NY New York Flying Flights  
Derrick Whitehead Queens NY 347-613-9101 Danish tipplers red, yellows blacks, duns  
Anton Fountain Brooklyn NY 347-556-6956 Cumulets, Yelow white bar tiplers,Yelow tiplers caps  
Harold Samuels Brookhaven NY 631-286-2285 Racing Pigeons, Houbens speed birds  
Dion Miller Lindenhurst NY 631-943-8475 WOE & GBH  
Eddie Alvarez Brooklyn NY Piegons  
Michael James Bilis NYC NY 347-967-7347 Show flights & rollers  
Mike LaRose Albany NY 518-852-9053 Racing Homers, colors, pure whites  
Tom Metallo Amsterdam NY 518-842-5263 Classic Old Frill, West of England, Pigmy Pouters  
Joe Polidoro Bayshore NY Racing Homers
Charlie Ruotolo Dix Hills NY 631-586-7749 Old German Owls, Baldheads, Flights  
Carlos Rodriguez Hogansburg NY 518-651-1857 Tipplers  
Joey Cee Albany NY 518-209-9860 Demascene, Lace, Ny Flying Flights, Tiplets  
Daniel Omidi Huntington NY Iranian High Flyers  
Glen Berkman Staten Island NY 917-209-7557 Homers & Flights  
Rene Asencio LaGrangeville NY 845-223-5694 Competition Tipplers and Rollers  
Curtis Williams Hyde Park NY 347-576-8256 Polish long face tumbler, Damascene, Galician Highflier  
Seref Akyol Long Island NY 631-408-6340 Pakistani High Flyers, Corum Ciplak Tumblers, Turkish Tumblers  
James Cunningham Horseheads NY 607-215-0856 asr, ogo's, racing homers  
Ray W. Castor Adams Center NY 315-523-4779 Sion, Janssen and Hofken  
Peter Walon Queens NY 917-484-3321 Short Face Budapest  
Dan Capp Fishkill NY Yellow Tipplers, White Homers, White Flying Flights, NY Flying Baldys  
Dave Zavluno New York NY 917-880-7184 Uzbekistan Tumblers  
Tom Staten Island NY 718-344-6944 Pure White Racing Homers – Bred from Mortveths, Sions and Jannsens  
Temel Tahmaz Lindenhurst / Staten Island NY Turkish Tumblers  
Patrick Walsh Walton NY 607-242-4753 White Homer's  
Tony Fasano Staten Island NY 917-685-5443 Colored Homers  
Shah Nadeem Centereach NY 631-880-2538 Pakistani High Flyers  
Kyle Krawczyk Wilson NY 716-359-8892 Polish Lynx ,Danzigs,  
John Y Meral Stony Brook NY 516-849-0999 Turkish Tumblers
Semih Tale Staten Island NY Turkish Tumbler  
Frank Oringer Coxsackie NY 518-821-3067 Valencian Figurita  
Curtis Gervais middletown NY White Homers  
Greg Michaelov Staten Island NY 718-594-3965 Iranian High Flyers, Armenian High Flyers, Baku High Flyers  
Arnez Guido wallkill NY 845-566-9866 Texan Pioner  
Umar Hayat Bellport NY 631-885-4040 Pakistani Tipplers  
Raul Troy NY 518-203-8679 Master Breeder: Medium Face Crested Helmets...NYC Flying Flights  
Suleyman Altintas Long Island NY 631-225-6666 Turkish Tumblers
Gregory Michaelov Staten Island NY 718-594-3965 Iranian high-flyers  
Joseph Nieves Brooklyn NY 646-258-3420 Tipplers, and Black Danish Tumbers  
Larry Sands Hillsdale NY All  
Yousuf Khan Brooklyn NY 347-605-3626 Afghan Shirazi, Pakistani Gola, Jogi, Patain, Murghabi etc.  
Frankie D’Alessandro Manorville NY Flying Rollers, Scandaroons, Romanian Naked-Necks  
Kouying loo Queens NY 646-651-7765 English tipplers / Pakistani high fliers/ Budapest high fliers  
Marty Coppersmith Chestertown NY 518-494-7936 Competition Tipplers, New York Flying Flights, Colored Homers, Satinettes  
Kim Linck Pine Plains NY 914-204-2432 White Thailand Laugher pigeons, Old Dutch Capuchines  
Stephen Bishop Bay Shore NY Racing Homers
Gerald La Clair Wayland NY 585-728-9037 Racing Homers, Flights, Birmingham Rollers  
Gregory Michael Staten island NY 718-594-3965 Baku Highflyers  
Tom DeMartino Shirley NY 631-399-5555 Staf Van Reet Racing Pigeons
Pete Monti Fishkill NY 845-896-3763 Show bronze tipplers, Komorner Tumblers, Nuns, South German Shields, Portuguese Tumblers  
Mian-Umar Hayat Bellport NY Pakistani Highflyer Tipplers
Sunny Singh Hempstead NY 718-749-1875 High Flyers  
Joseph Ognibene Brooklyn NY 718-259-5400 American Show Racers in all colors - Racing Homers in Whites and Splashes  
Shahid Bhatti Sidney NY 518-209-9853 White Homing Pigeons  
Gary Bossong Mastic Beach NY 631-729-3304 Sion/HVR Janssen/Ganus & Imports
Dmitriy Marchenko Brooklyn NY 347-806-1742 Uzbek Tumblers  
Thomas Keating Hopewell NY 845-489-3140 Nuns  
Gerald W Ford Sr Westtown NY 845-683-1263 Danes,Flying Flights, Homers and other varieties  
Walter Hayes Newburgh NY 845-926-7076 Budapest (Poltli) High Flyers (Red and Blue grizzle neck's)  
Billy Morgan Poughkeepsie NY 914-204-6240 Rollers, White Homers  
Nick Ogrosso Staten Island NY 718-979-6839 Old German Owls, Homers and Tipplets    
Chris Lemke Springville NY 716-592-3008 Birmingham Rollers (Turner Blood line)  
Kamil Aliev Cleveland OH 813-895-9988 Racing Homers  
Tina Jackson Middletown OH 513-687-2434 american show racers, mooke, old ditch cuppucino,german owls,lahore,modenas  
Bill Baker Marysville OH 937-644-1560 English Trumpeters  
Sarvar Asad Cleveland OH 814-384-3374 Krasnodar Tumblers, Turkish Tumblers, Russian Tumblers, Racing Homers  
Bob Hammond Huron OH 419-433-4119 German Beauty Homer, Master Breeder  
Merle Miller Killbuck OH 330-231-4516 Lahore  
James Shackleton Cleveland OH 216-200-1025 Royal Snow Tumbler, old classic frills, white racers.  
Dwight Scott Rushsylvania OH 937-935-3394 Arabian Trumpeters, Rollers, Budapest Shortface  
Keith Caserta Dayton OH 937-570-6088 Rare colored homing pigeon, Birmingham roller, mookee, satinette, American fantail, Indian fantail.
Joseph Pepe Jefferson county OH Polish Murzyn, Low Silesian Muffed Tumbler (Bociany)  
Joe Gar Mingo Junction OH Murzyns, Storks  
Jeff Hitchlock Parma OH 440-821-9071 Rare colored homers in gimpel and frill stencil
James & Mary Jane Fathbruckner Ostrander OH 740-666-9913 Bernhardiners, Koros Tumblers, Danzi High Flyers, Hyacinths, Prachen Kaniks, Nuremburg Larks, Muffed Saddleback Tumblers  
Chuck & Rhonda Lewis Xenia OH 937-903-6421 Olde Style Saddle Muff Tumblers, Birmingham Rollers, Racing Homers  
Jim Schaberl Richmond Hts. OH 440-665-9677 American Trentons (Oshaben)  
Becky Baker Marysville OH 937-644-1560 Frillbacks  
Ron Simpson Waldo OH Muff Tumblers and Trumpeters
Andy Singh West Chester OH indian high flyers  
Jim Schaberl Richmond Hts. OH 440-665-9677 Trenton Racing Homers  
Vanessa Nora London OH loan  
Zaid Nabulsi Chardon OH 440-318-5518 Basrawi Iraqi Pigeons Lout  
Saso Petkovski Lorain OH 440-821-9089 Oriental Frills, Classic Old Frills and Top Quality Racing Homers  
Gary K. Yount Covington OH 937-526-5673 Saddle Homers, Fantails, Modenas, German Beauty Homers, Blondinette Frills
Dustin Baker Tipp City OH 937-416-3996 Racing Homers
Bruce Harwedel Streetsboro OH 330-422-4128 Komorner Tumblers - Old Dutch Capuchines  
Greg Manz Grover Hill OH 419-558-3316 Pigmy Pouters, Copper Arch Angels, Komorner Tumblers, Parlor Rollers, Fantails, English Carriers, Sicilian Swallows, White doves, Brown doves, and Pied Doves  
Malcolm & Kay Branch Beggs OK 918-724-0407 Grondelear, Van Loon, Barcelona Grizzles
Kambiz Zamanian Muskogee OK Iranians High Flyers
Pat Reilly Okc OK 405-306-1171 Racing Homers  
Malcolm & Kay Branch Beggs OK 918-267-4967 Modenas, Doves, Fan Tails, Homers, Rollers, Tumblers, Budapest, Silvere Toye, Grondelaer, Van Loon, Barcelona Grizzles
Wesley Drew Midwest City OK 405-626-8055 Old style saddleback tumbler, Portuguese tumbler, rostov tumbler, american fantail, Russian tumbler, kormornor tumbler  
James E. Brown Edmond OK n/a Wiley Janssen & Vanbruaene Homing Pigeons
Ken Sawatzky Piedmont OK 405-990-3088 German Beauty Homers, Show Type Racing Homers  
Ron Smith Ponca City OK Old Dutch Capuchines, Saxon Monks, Thuringer Swallows  
Bill Bressler Guymon OK 580-545-3524 Fantails, Rostov, Novocherkasskie  
Steve Johnson Kingston OK 580-564-2938 Show Type Homers, Racing Homers, American Rollers  
James McKenzie Norman OK 405-329-3696 Giant Homers-Show Racers-Racing Homers  
Steve Prieto Choctaw OK 405-390-8472 Fantail, Old Dutch Capuchine, English Trumpeter, Indian Fantail  
Mark Wilson Blackwell OK 580-670-0824 Birmingham Rollers, Brunner Pouters  
Marty Adams Kansas OK 918-346-7583 Saints, Runts, Shield Croppers, Indian Fantails, English Carriers, German Trumpeters, Lahores, Rostovs, Nuns, Barbs, German Beautys, Magpies, Frillbacks, Modenas, Berlin Short Face Tumblers  
Bob Roper ALEX OK 405-619-8083 Performing Rollers  
Tom Pritchett Ponca City OK Fantails, White, Pied and Bars  
Mark Summers Orlando OK Fantail / Turbit / Spots  
Steve Bieberich Clinton OK 580-323-6259 Master Breeder Mookee
Raja Badar Oklahoma City OK 405-388-2778 Pakistani High Flyer  
Monte Watson Freedom OK 580-334-7440 American Fantail, West of England Tumblers, Indian Fantail, Komorner Tumbler, Performing Roller  
Justin Greenfield Moore OK 405-413-4526 Old German Owls  
Keith Scott Wagoner OK 918-685-0071 Rollers and Parlors, Chinese Owls  
Steve Mitchener Oklahoma City OK 405-748-6566 Polish Mooshins, Danzig Highfliers, Galician Highfliers, Elsterpurzler  
Steve Mitchener Jones OK 405-919-2940 Danzig Highflier, Polish Mooshins, Galician Highfliers  
James Ward La Grande OR 541-963-6977 Racing white homers, Birmingham/Pensom rollers, Muffed Ice Pigeons, Egyptian Swifts  
William Cochell Sr Hermiston OR 503-550-9887 Rollers  
Jessica Young La Grande OR 541-962-5814 Arch angels, American fantails, pheasants, white homers, english trumpeters  
Larry J Harding McMinnville OR 503-901-5090 Portuguese Tumblers, Am. Fantails  
Vladimir Karakay Salem OR 503-562-9989 American Show Racers, Homers, Uzbek Tumblers, Capuchins  
Alex Matveyev Portland OR 503-830-5785 Uzbek Tumblers, Turkish Tumblers, Iranian high flyers  
Ricky Castillo Milton freewater OR 208-964-3409 Pure White Homing Pigeons and Rollers  
Robert Edmiston Elmira OR 541-935-6345 Racing Homers  
Kim Theurer albany OR Mookee and American Roller  
Clay Palamides Newberg OR 503-899-8463 Competition  
Larry Eastman Salem OR West of England Tumblers & Felegyhazer Tumblers.  
Yakov Blashchishchin Portland OR 971-563-5709 Egyptian Swift, Egyptian Safi  
Harley Denning Scio OR 541-223-4447 Swallows, English Trumpeter, Homers  
Patricia Heilbronn-Malby Bandon OR 541-294-1705 Egyptian Swift Pigeons, and Mookees  
John Kieft Grants Pass OR 541-471-2777 West of England Tumblers  
Brian Lee Oakridge OR 541-913-7193 Englisn Barbs, English Carriers, Drgoons, Brunner Pouters, American Fantails, Performing Rollers, Racing Homers.  
Rupert Casey Portland OR 503-286-3386 ESF, Budas, Heartbacks, Vienna Medium Face High Fliers  
Damon Humbert Milton freewater OR 509-820-8463 Rollers  
Jack C. Swanson Gresham OR Modena  
Ed Taylor Milton-Freewater OR 541-938-3726 Black Country Bimingham Rollers
Ken Bierly Molalla OR 503-318-4215 Homers/rare colors  
Mike Maldonado Tobyhanna PA 646-533-9666 Tipplers  
Steven Uhler Marysville PA 717-649-7223 Homing  
Jody Lomison Hughesville PA 570-560-4136 Homers, just getting started looking for Arch angels & runts  
Justin D. Stair Hyndman PA 814-842-3090 Tipplers, Birmingham Rollers, Racing Homers, and a few more.
Jason Gelder Monongahela PA Rare Colored Homers, Damascenes
Alen Jagesic Harrisburg PA 717-645-9528 Budapest High Flyers  
Smiljan Blazevic Lemoyne PA 717-731-0741 Budapest Highflyers
David Strait, Jr. Harrisonville PA Performing Birmingham Rollers in James Turner stock  
David Nace Red Lion PA Rollers, Tumblers, Flights  
Patrick Topper New Oxford PA Graham Fireballs, Pensom Rollers,  
Neil Berkman Lancaster PA 717-871-0110 Portugese Tumbler  
Darren Lechner Lancaster PA 717-405-5482 Pakistani High Flyers  
Ryan Lawer Harrisburg PA Pair  
Samuel D Maxwell Jr. Girardville PA 570-590-4076 Saxon Monk, Indain Fantail, American Fantail  
James C Chelosky Ebensburg PA 814-472-4572 Rollers, Homers, Indian Fantails, Magpies  
Ivan E. Zimmerman Newburg PA Italian Owls  
Richard DePalma Lake Como PA 570-798-2319 Flying New York Flights  
Clark Berger Coopersburg PA Racing Homers  
Jody, Carol Lomison Hughesville PA 570-560-4136 Racing Homers, Looking for Archangeld & Giant Runts  
Alen Jagesic Harissburg PA 717-558-5997 Tipplers,Budapest (pertle)high flyers
Mark Delbaugh Liverpool PA 570-539-8135 Racing Homers  
Richard DePalma Lake Como PA 917-763-2014 Flying New York Flight  
Manuel Davis Philadelphia PA Canadian Tipplets  
Issa Dr philadelphia PA 267-752-1328 Racing Pigeons  
Juan Talavera hazleton PA 570-497-4046 Double crested, Tipplers, Rollers, Homers  
Voytek Miechkovskiv Cresco PA 570-856-3826 Polish Owls, Warsaw Butterfly, N Kavkaz, Turkish Tumblers, Arabian Trumpeters
Jim Berdis II Erie PA Racing Homers, Old German Owls, German Beauty Homers, Show Homers, Figuritas  
Smiljan Blazevic New Cumberland PA 717-443-3754 Budapest Highflyers  
Ron Goebel Cranberry twp PA 724-473-8505 Trentons  
Kathy Hummer Franklin PA Chinese owls, parlor tumblers, rollers, homers  
Mario Martinez Richfield PA 717-379-8077 Racing Homers, Fantails, Potters,  
Jason caro Upper black eddy PA 215-630-9331 Russian Tumblers  
Salicia Shu Pottsville PA Rostovs Indian Fans and silesian swallows occasionally  
Panos Makrisis Media PA 215-301-0045 Doneks  
Tim Kelly Old Forge PA 570-906-5627 Baldhead Rollers, WOE, English Shortface Tumblers muffed, clean leg, Saddle Homers, Bellneck Rollers.  
Brian Pottorff marysville PA 717-957-3247 Birmingham Rollers  
Rick Moyer Palmerton PA 610-826-4053 Chinese Owls, Frillbacks, Saddle Homers, Saints, Bokhara Trumps, Rollers  
John Humphrey Altoona PA 814-215-8932 Racing Homers  
Obed Conde Harrisburg PA 717-514-6292 Racing homers, White Homers  
Ben Profka Philadelphia PA 267-278-5079 Budapest Highfliers, CBS Black Eagle and Black Grizzles, Sions, Trentons, Whites  
Jason Gelder Charleroi PA 724-263-5969 Rare Colored Homers, Racing Homers, Czech Ice Pouters, Galician Highfliers
Francis D. Hilario Lansdowne PA 215-917-8073 Jacobins and Racing Homers
Andrew Miles New Wilmington PA Warsaw butterflies, italian owls, baldhead show rollers  
Alice Schultz Pottsville PA 570-544-5937 Rostovs, indian fans, silesian swallows  
John Lis Oley PA 610-207-0706 Dewlaps, Wutas, Granadino Pouter, Marchenero Pouter  
Alex Khodzhayev Warminster PA 215-485-2470 Uzbek short face  
Beyhan Gocuklu Stroudsburg PA 973-641-1910 Birmingham Rollers  
Martin Deal Hanover PA 717-965-5421 James Turner, Henderson and Fireball Rollers  
James M Ashton Smithfield RI 401-231-4709 african owls, fairy swallows,double crested priest  
Sandra M. Dadona Cranston RI Janssen Racing Homers  
Bob Boisvert Hope Valley RI Old Time Fireball Rollers
Lionel De Brito East Providence RI 401-696-6496 Tumblers  
David W. Cook North Kingstown RI 401-885-0975 Russain Tumbler, Monks, Ice, Rollers, Swiss Crest, White Homers, Old Style Saddle Tumblers  
Stephen Howard Ashaway RI Fireball Rollers  
Robert Dadona Cranston RI Racing Homers  
Matthew L Suttles Inman SC 864-978-8438 Indian Fantails, Ringneck Doves, Homers  
Robby Tone Summerville SC 843-851-8447 Tipplers
Chris Cook Varnville SC 803-943-5576 Saxon Spots, black, blue, red and yellow  
Justin Colley Lexington SC 803-636-6296 Belgian Delbar white Homers  
Len Brewer Chapin SC 803-528-3863 Racing: Jenssen, Gaby Vandenabilee, Moravian Strasser  
Glenn Briggs St. Matthews SC 803-707-5661 Belgian Delbar Racing Homers. Black Racing Homers. Trenton Yellow Racing Homers.  
John Georgopoulos Greenville SC 864-918-3789 Greek divers or [voutes].  
Ash Hammett Fort Mill SC 704-733-8229 Horseman Thief Pouters  
Kendis Dawson York SC Flights-tipplers-homers  
Jorge Torres North Charleston SC 843-469-6851 Racing Homers  
Mac Rabon Hemingway SC 843-485-1697 Racing Homers  
Jeffrey Moore Cheraw SC 410-299-8902 Lahore - Black, Red, Yellow, Mahogany, Lavender
Harold Payne Pickens SC 864-350-4947 American Giant Runts & Utility Runts  
Pete Truslow Florence SC 843-665-0705 Saxon Monks, Indian Fantails, Shakhsharlis, Capuchines, Old German Owls, Ringneck Doves, Diamond Doves  
Ernest Sexton Simpsonville SC 864-399-3914 Racing Homers  
Daryl paule Dorchester SC 843-990-8357 Racing homer, white Belgian delbar, German owls.  
Robert McCarthy Myrtle Beach SC 843-236-5001 Saints, Fantasy, Mindians, Courtyard Tumblers  
Larry Pridmore Fountain Inn SC 864-876-2543 Master Breeder of Mookees, Shaksharli Tumblers  
Olberto & Ethan Mejia Florence. SC Racing Homers, Birmingham Rollers.  
Jeff Bryant York SC 803-684-3636 Racing Homers, WHT Homer, Figurita, Jacobin, Italian Owls, Parlor Rollers, Rollers, Satinettes, Trumpeter, Turbits, Chinese Owl,
Larry Williams Johnson SC 803-430-0064 Roller  
Serdar Yumusak Edinburhg SC 750-668-9440 Turkish Tumblers  
Mike Richey Gilbert SC 803-446-9255 Reece/Turner/Roberts Birmingham Rollers  
Dan Ward Bryant SD Crested Pheasant, White Homer  
Shawn Lund Sioux Falls SD 605-496-5631 Performing Rollers Danny Horner Birds  
Jim Osche Hermosa SD Classic Old Frills in Blondinette  
Dejan Simic Lavergne TN 615-793-9019 Indian Fantail
Ted Pratt Newport TN 423-623-6883 Wests, Old German Owls, American Rollers  
Waylon Cooper Bristol TN 423-967-4641 West of England Tumbler, Jaconette Birmingham Rollers, Ringneck Doves
Glenn L Martin Jamestown TN 219-309-4035 Birmingham Rollers and Doneks  
Angelia Silvera Sweetwater TN 423-400-7046 Red Utility Kings
Joe Alarcon Knoxville TN 865-603-2120 Norwich Croppers, Parlor Rollers, Gaditano Pouters
Gerry Lane Brush Creek TN 615-933-9898 Racing Pigeons & Rollers
Nermin Hebib Knoxville TN 865-622-0333 Birmingham Rollers  
George Schutt Lebanon TN 615-444-3683 Ringneck Doves in 20 colors  
Charlie Brown Hendersonville TN Komorner Tumblers. Taganrog Tumblers. Racing Homers  
Douglas Smith Newport TN 423-623-8825 Valencian Figuritas, Hungarians, Barb's. Ring Neck Doves
Wayne Lea Portland TN Rollers  
James Burns Spring Hill TN Giant Homers, Giant Runts, Carneau  
Nicholas Kilgore Chattoonga TN 423-867-6001 Birmingham Rollers  
Michael Reinhardt Bean Station TN 865-993-5918 Russian Tumblers, West Of England Tumblers, Old German Owls
Chris Pinkerton Cunningham TN Homers and Tipplers
Ron Wilcox Bluff City TN 423-217-2678 American Fantails, English Carriers. French Mondains, Jacobins  
Bobby Flachs Jonesborugh TN 908-229-5710 Nuns, Flights  
Johnathon Ray Shelbyville TN 931-639-1139 White Homers and Oriental Rollers  
Larry Howard Athens TN 423-506-7946 Birmingham Rollers  
Ted Pratt Newport TN Voorburg Pouters, Old german owls, West of england  
Bill Schultz West Tawakoni TX Indian fantails, Fantasies, doves  
Charles Hanna Amarillo TX 806-373-1886 Reversewing Pouters, Old German Croppers, Frillbacks  
Eric Stephens Frisco TX 214-923-5534  
Rehan Shah Frisco TX Jacobins, Tipplers, Iranian Highflyers  
Mark Wersig Nederland TX Komoner piegons Old german owls oriental frills  
Rick Mee Copperas Cove TX 254-542-4524 Birmingham Rollers, Homers, Arabian Trumpeters
Matt Rivera Groves TX 409-960-6866 Mookies, American Fantails, Saddleback Racing Homers  
Tom Stiefel Alvin TX 281-331-3216 West of England Tumblers, Komoner Tumblers, Fantails  
Hassan Zahid Sugar Land TX 832-858-4294 Indian Fantails, American Fantasy, Arch Angels, Satinettes  
BL Robertson Fort Hancock TX 575-639-2448 WTD Red Saddle std Fantails, White Kings, Flying Black Tails  
Fred Green Longview TX 903-235-3500 White Mexican Janssen Racers, Champion Bloodline White Racers, White Proven Breeder and babies  
Cathryn ONeal Weatherford TX 682-262-4209 White Jansan and Jansan/Delbar mix homing pigeons  
Barry Wilson Round Rock TX 512-716-1022 Muffed Chinese Owls, Old style saddle tumblers, Ruby Rollers Strassers, Mindians, Spots and Voorberg Croppers  
Frank M. Morgan Mathis TX West of England Tumblers, Performing Rollers - Pensom Strain  
Armando Rodriguez Granbury TX 817-823-4547 Racing Pigeons  
Dinah Allshouse Hutto TX 512-516-4864 Frillbacks and Indian Fantails  
Ken McCoy San Saba TX 325-628-3259 Indian Fantails and Frillbacks  
Michael Mcelroy Tyler TX 903-372-6071 American Fantail  
Christopher Franklin Belton TX 254-493-1267 Carneau reds & yellows  
Brian Parchmont Nederland TX 409-724-7317 Giant homers Capuchins Mookies  
Daniel Cardenas Arlington TX 817-705-1707 Birmingham Rollers, Homers, Parlor Rollers & Spanish Pouters.  
Charles Williams Manchaca TX 512-217-4886 Fantails, Indian Fantails  
Nick Vlasek Hunt TX 830-238-3202 Auto-Sex Texan Pioneers  
Darrell Selke Waco TX 254-855-6926 Birmingham Rollers  
Kenny Hartman Amarillo TX Birminghams Rollers
Romeo Hernandez Palmhurst TX 956-605-7523 Iranian High Fliers, Spanish Thief Pouters, Rollers
Zafer Sorguc Houston TX 918-812-1953 Turkish Tumbler
Mike Kolodziej Jarrell TX 847-917-7463 Portuguese Tumblers, Giant Runts, Giant Hungarian House Pigeons, Mindian
Shannon Hiatt Canutillo TX 915-877-3086 Moroncelo & Morrillero Spanish thief pouters (STPs); Cruzado STPs; Almond & Barless Racing Homers -- no shipping.  
Roland Ouellette Sherman TX Modenas, Amer. Show Racers, West of Eng. Tumblers, Racing Homers  
Josh Prator Sanger TX 940-231-9063 Chinese nasal tufts, Tung koon paaks, Polish barbs, Italian owls and Arabian trumpeters
Charles Johnson Hooks TX 903-547-2914 Rollers
MK. Rahman Khan Houston TX 832-788-7488 Indian, Pakistani, Serbian and Iranian High Flier Pigeons  
Eduardo Cervantes ElPaso TX 915-253-2106 Jacobins,Archangels, WhiteHomers, Rollers & Fantails  
Louis Rodriguez Leming TX 830-281-4849 Gabriels - Rare Breed Pigeons    
Bobby Webel Victoria 77904 TX 979-616-0796 Birmingham Rollers  
Roy Murillo El Paso TX 915-240-0116 Racing pigeons/ rollers / common pigeons  
Gregory Veit Yoakum TX 361-772-8740 Modeans, Show Kings,French Mondains, Homers  
Leo Garza Orange Grove TX 361-384-2637 Racing pigeons & white homers  
John Kelly Bullard TX Birmingham Rollers, American Rollers  
David Malloy Kyle TX 512-268-4869 Quality Racing Homers
Jerry Kinder Weatherford TX 817-732-2840 Frillback, Portugursr Tumblers  
Reynier Arteaga Houston TX 832-707-0121 Cuban Pouter, Spanish pouter  
Fred Green Longview TX 903-663-8884 White Mexican Janssen Homing Pigeons  
Devin Wilkin Fort Worth TX 785-691-8588 Modenas NMC  
Dave Diehl Granbury TX 817-579-0038 Indian Fantails  
Virginia Cox Fairfield TX Flying Performing Roller  
David Black Sherman TX Homers, Rollers, Frills, Giant Homers, Jacobins, Doneks  
Michael Baldwin Crowley TX 817-297-0991 Performing Rollers, Racing Homers  
Ken McCoy San Saba TX 325-628-3259 Indian Fantails
Isaack Wiebe Seminole TX 806-632-4197 Indain Fantials, Lahores  
Zekai Akyuz Houston TX 832-516-1186 Turkish Tumblers  
Jimmy Rutledge Como TX 903-348-2674 Racing pigeons, Staff Van Reet, Janssen, Van Loon, Hofken  
John Fowler Houston TX Ringneck Doves in 30 + Colors in Crested, Tufted, and Silky.  
Gonzalo Banuelos Georgetown TX Racing Homers, Rollers
Michael Warchesik brenham TX 979-530-7101 French Mondains  
Zoilo Lamtecson Corpus Christi TX 361-452-3238 White Racing Pigeons
Jerry Soignier Magnolia TX 281-356-1806 Quality Modenas In Many Colors
Mike Hatton Cedar Lane TX 979-241-2257 French Mondains, Show Kings, Voorburgs Croppers, Brunner Pouters, American Fantails, Indain Fantails, Racing Homers  
Minh Vo Houston TX 713-382-6683 Iranian and Serbian  
Gregory Veit Yoakum TX 361-772-8740 Kings, Modenas, Mondians  
Ramon Florez Falfurrias TX 361-389-8806 Old Dutch Capuchines,Homing pigeons,white pigeons  
John H. DePew III Holland TX 254-527-4593 Racing Pigeons  
William K Kunde Round Rock TX 512-914-1640 Indian Fantails  
Curtis Holans Bandera TX 830-796-4047 Rollers, White Homers  
John Maziasz alamo TX Classic Old Frills, Magpies, Geman Beauty Homers, Chinese Owls  
Donald Boyd Stafford TX 281-980-1619 Show Kings  
Daniel Segura Justin TX Rollers, German Owls, Homers  
Kenny Libick Crowley TX 682-224-4647 Birmingham Rollers  
Ellie Meyer Florence TX Frillbacks (standard and non-standard colors) & white Olde-style English Garden Fantails
Parvez M.Malim TYLER TX Indian Fantail Pigeons  
Rahman Khan Houston TX 832-284-8066 Indian High Flyers, Iranian High Flyers, Surbian High Flyers
Don Stueber Roanoke TX 817-431-2677 Chinese Owls  
Raymond sheffield Ingleside TX 361-523-8107 Racing Homers  
Bobby Muchhala Laredo TX 956-489-6006 Indian/Pakistani Heiflyers & Rollers  
Johnnie Williams Amarillo TX 806-367-1664 Birmingham Rollers/Turner/Mehdi Arzaghi-Pensom  
Daniel Arellano El Paso TX 915-309-2896 Budapest, american fantails, brunner pouters white homers  
Larry Reneau Vinnsboro TX 903-342-6819 Fireball Rollers  
Peggy Taylor Huntington TX 936-707-3766 Frillback  
Carter Oliver Groesbeck TX 254-749-9793 White Homing Pigeons  
Nick Vlasek Hunt TX 830-238-3202 Auto Sex. Texan. Pioneers  
Shahrokh Habib Houston TX Iranian & Serbian Highflyers  
Stephanie Langford Lubbock TX 806-781-1742 Birmingham Rollers  
Kamlesh Singh Sugar Land TX 281-771-9999 Indian Fantail  
Hamid Sohrabi Beaumont TX Racing Homers, Yellow Homers, White Hansenes, Black Eagle, Sions  
Larry Narcisse Round Rock TX 512-388-4641 Utility Red Kings and Hyacinth Pigeons
Sherry Horelka Victoria TX 361-331-2032 Frillback/Fantail  
Brenden Webb Mineral wells TX 940-452-5282 Homers, Frill backs, Performing Rollers, Oriental Frils, Wild pigeons  
Rudy payen Odessa TX Birmingham Rollers  
Daniel Rios Kingsville TX Homers  
J Hewing San Antonio TX 407-745-7676 Birmingham Rollers  
David Britton Shallowater TX English trumpeters, jacobins, west of england tumblers  
Joes Dunek Rock wall TX 469-583-2413 Macedonian Dunek  
Dan Arellano el paso TX 915-309-2896 English Carrier, Budapest  
Vasu Rao Campbellton TX 210-629-8417 Birmingham Rollers, Iranian High Flayer s, Portuguese Tumblers, Tiplers, Doneks, Racing Homers, Indian Fantails, English Fantails.  
Brandon Brulloths Corpus Christi TX 361-446-0260 homers/racing homers  
Mallary Goldman Alvarado TX 214-896-2356 Utility Kings  
Denise Crisp Helotes TX 210-862-0402 Diamond Doves, Cape Doves  
David Santiago Rosharon TX 917-369-0979 NYC Tipplers /Vieshian Blacks / Isabella Homers  
Kevin McIntosh Cleveland TX 713-502-3860 Texan Pioneer, Utility King, Swiss Mondaine, White Indian Fantails, and White Homing Pigeons  
Michael Warchesik Brenham TX 979-530-7101 Roller Texan Pinoneer Reccessive Reds  
John Head Dayton TX 713-408-1693 Red Texan Pioneers, Utility Kings, White Homers  
Al Walker Honey Grove TX 903-815-8255 West of England Tumblers and Mookee  
Cesar Gutierrez Humble TX 832-888-0258 Gutierrez Loft  
Peter Sun Houston TX 832-308-9177 Frills, American Fantails, Jacobins, African Owls, Figuritas,  
Michael Kolodziej Jarrell TX 847-917-7463 Portuguese Tumblers,& Giant Runts
Gary Wiltrout Plano TX Show Racing Homers, American Show Racers, American Rollers
Patricia Clark Houston (Tomball) TX 281-635-6891 Doves  
Floyd Starkey Ralls TX Arcangles, Classic Old Frills & Portugese Tumblers  
Jay Azami Allen TX 214-418-8507 Iranian & Afghani Pigeons  
Larry Reneau Winnsboro TX 903-342-0681 Fireball Rollers  
James J.P. Isom Cottonwood Heights UT 801-930-9958 Nasaltufts, Birminghams, Oriental Rollers, Frills, African Owls  
Fahrudin Cefo Fudo Salt Lake City UT 801-870-9302 Armenian & Iranian High Fliers  
Samir Hamzic Salt Lake City UT 801-755-3390 Briminghams Rollers  
Jasmin Cakarevic Salt Lake City UT 801-809-7233 Racing Homers and Budapest High Flyer  
Tanner Morrison Sandy UT 801-960-6362 Racing Pigeons, Tumblers  
Arman Ahmadzadeh Sandy UT 801-979-3905 Iranian Highflyers  
David Smith Orem UT 801-380-1707 Archangels & Iranian Tumblers  
Greg Pola Riverton UT 801-597-5737 English Trumpeters, Old German Owls, Fantails
Edin Tatarevic Salt Lake City UT 801-355-9654 Oriental Rollers  
Kyle McArthur Huntington UT 435-749-2318 Birmingham Rollers - Monson and Jaconette families  
Cody Taylor castle dale UT Capuchines, English Trumpeters and Rollers  
Ed Bills Magna UT 801-250-0634 African Owls  
Matt Williams Herriman UT 801-783-9808 Pomeranian Pouters  
Chris losee Roosevlt UT 801-631-4461 Birmingham Rollers, Homing Pigeons  
Hunter Siggard Santaquin UT West of England Tumblers, Homers, Birmingham Rollers
Jim Oldham Salt Lake City UT 801-209-0100 Starlings, Archangel, Muffed Ice, Couchois, Fantail, Jacobin, Little Spanish Frier Tumbler, Cumulet  
Dave Gazaway Lehi UT 801-768-0903 Racing pigeons, American Fantails, Norwich Croppers, Tiger swallows
Juma Alsiwedi West Valley City UT 801-661-1757 Iraqi Roller Pigeons  
Boyd Holbrook Ogden UT 801-479-0137 Show Rollers, Parlor Rollers, Recessive White Homers  
Husam Al azzawi Salt Lake City UT 385-528-6287 German beauty pigeons 100$  
Kole Westwood Vernal UT Performance Birmingham Rollers  
Kenneth Kinsey Magna UT 801-793-7014 Chinese Owls Cumulets Giant Runts Little Spanish Firer Tumblers Old German Cropprs Thai Laghers  
Abbas Mathlum Sandy UT 510-926-7795 Iraqi Pigeons  
Mark Robinson Murray UT 801-455-7454 Racing Homers, Rare Colors
David Curneal Thatcher UT 435-854-7176 Performing Birmingham and Oriental Rollers
Patricia Ecklund Vanderhoof Ogden UT 801-782-4333 Cumulet/Florentine/Tippler  
Bradley R Hoggan River Heights UT 435-753 3637 Racing Homers - Birminham Rollers (SPINNERS ) - Portuguese Tumblers
Doug Rider St. George UT 435-673-9187 Wests, Oriental Rollers, Homers, Old German Owls, Komorner Tumblers  
Naved Jafri Yorktown VA Ringneck Doves  
Matthew Richards Luray VA 540-244-5709 Janssen based racers, frillbacks, white & blue grizzles grizzles  
Tia Austin Fancy Gap VA 276-398-4392 Birmingham Roller, Horseman Pouter  
Joe Nguyen Herndon VA 703-463-7398 Racing Homers  
Ernie McGuire Galax VA 828-964-7245 Birmingham Rollers, Portuguese Tumbler, Crestless Helmets  
Michael Paul Pope Madison Heights VA 434-509-2087 Pigmy Pouters, Marchanero Pouters, Holle Croppers  
Md wahidul islam Woodbridge VA 703-347-1062 Racing. Sarbian. Jacobin  
Jaime Garlejo Annandale VA show type racing pigeons  
Timmy Cole Hillsville VA 540-357-1124 black tail owels indian fantails bald headed rollers and white figs  
Philip Shumeyko Harrisonburg VA 540-908-1231 White Racing Homers / White semi-fantails
Mohammad Faizi Manassas VA Different Colors, Different Breeds of Pigeons.  
Mamdouh Saleh Richmond VA 804-673-1066 Turkish tumbler, Iranian high flyer, arch angel, Birmingham roller  
Dale Fuller Franklin VA 757-718-5996 Saddleback Homers
Khuram Khan Falls Church VA 703-889-7299 pakistani high flyers,iranian high flyers
Terry A Hopkins Ridgeway VA 276-806-6574 Trying to get started got some fantails, old english carries  
Jimmy Lundy Galax VA 276-236-9414 Rollers, White Homers, Modeans, Ring neck doves  
Saeed Al Shamisi Richmond VA pigeon  
Dennis McCLain Clintwood VA 276-926-4377 Ports, racing homers, fantails, Performance rollers, Figs, satinettes, ringneck doves.  
Stephanie Quesenberry Dugspur VA 276-266-4009 Komorner Tumblers, Classic Frills, German Owls, Warsaw Butterfy
Rauf Akhtar Alexandria VA Pakistani and Indian Highflyers  
Peggy Parris Rixeyville VA 540-937-4999 Birmingham Rollers, Tipplers, Oriental Frills, Oriental Rollers, Starlings, Homing  
Hasham Waseem Annandle VA Homming  
Garrett Justice Check VA 540-354-7454 Rare Color Racing Homers  
Ernie McGuire Galax VA 828-964-7245 Portuguese Tumblers, Helmets, Birmingham Rollers. Archangels, Starlings  
Stephanie Quesenberry Dugspur VA 276-266-4009 Komorner Tumblers, Warsaw Butterfly  
Sue Page Fishersville VA 770-714-3496 White Homers  
Kemal Jasarevic Roanoke VA 540-525-3838 Birmingham Rollers  
Craig Friberg Fredericksburg VA 540-295-3951 Turkish Tumblers, Modenas  
Niazi Niazi Stafford VA Ringneck Doves, Hybrids ( I do want some Valencian Figuritas)
Daphne Benton Northern Neck -Kilmarnock VA Show Rollers, English Trumpeters  
Adnan Abbasi Fairfax VA 703-989-6197 Fantails-Tipplers-Helmet-Germen Owls  
Robert Annan Winchester VA 703-537-9776 Tippler, Old German Owl  
Azim Ali Alexandria VA 571-277-8117 silver american homer, white, red, and all color and white doves  
Bruce Knutson Dublin VA Wanting to buy competition tipplers for foundation breeders  
Qais Yousefi springfield VA 703-915-8524 pakistani highflyers, budapest highflyers, Iranian high flyers  
Randy Williams Virginia Beach VA 757-735-4146 American Fantails and Ringneck Doves
George Fonyaine Winchester VA 540-722-0119 Olde Style Saddle Muffed Tumbler  
Joshua Ferenc Athens VT 603-831-0767 Tipplers  
Chris Burpee Bristol VT 802-345-0924 brunner pouters,fantails, english carriers  
Richard Hartlage Seattle WA 206-512-9433 Portuguese Tumblers, Miniature Indian Fantails  
Rachel Warren Des Moines WA 253-344-9110 White Homing Pigeons, White Ringneck Doves
Flora Bell Bellingham WA Serbian Highflier  
Jesse Awiten Renton WA 206-474-5634 Racing Homers, Jansen
Ismail A Maple Valley WA 425-433-1500 Turkish Tumblers  
John Adams Kent WA Budapest Short Face Tumblers, English Trumpeters  
Sherry W. - Reddawg Lofts Duvall WA 425-205-3228 Catalonian Tumblers, Performing Rollers  
Ronda Reardon Clayton WA 509-847-9328 pomeranian pouter pigeons  
Jim Hall Kennewick WA 509-586-9585 Racing Homers, Fantails, Jacs  
Omer Arnautovic Spokane WA 509-220-7716 Birmingham Rollers, Backi Prevrtaci, West of England Tumblers  
Bill Murphy Toppenish WA Stralsunder Highfliers and New York Flying Flights  
Roman Anisimov Vancouver WA 360-213-4239 Uzbek, Kavkaz, Rostov, Chilik and American Fantails.  
Ivan Nikolov Kent WA 206-372-7832 Serbian Highflier  
Thomas M Mayer Woodland WA 360-931-4046 Gazzi Modena  
Ruslan Kislenko Battle Ground WA 360-910-3534 Uzbek Tumblers  
Dimitry Lebed Auburn WA 253-335-1704 Uzbek Tumblers  
Genna Regeta Kirkland WA 206-353-5658 Tchiliks, Rostows(in many colors) Volgas  
Philip Kuykendall Samish island WA 530-570-4888 Friar cap Catalonian tumblers, Rostov tumblers and Lucerne gold necks  
Jim Brown Battle Ground WA Exhibition Homers, Budas, Vienna High Fliers  
Corey Freedman Anacortes WA 360-299-0804 Egyptian Swift, Catalonian Flyers, New York Flying Flights  
Balbir Singh Auburn WA 360-402-2667 Tipplers & irannian highflyers  
Charlie Huffman Prosser WA 509-786-2485 American Fantails  
Whosayn Al-azadi Everett WA 206-376-8988 Racing pigeons, Turkish pigeons  
Monte Summers Shelton WA 360-229-2666 Stichelbaut, Trenton's, Belgium pletinkx s
Speeders Loft Touchet WA 509-240-3206 Racing Homers, Rare Colored Racing Homers and Pure White Homers  
Jay Dhanda Kent WA 253-398-5746 Pakistani high flyers, malwai Indian low flyers, tipplers (harry Shannon ), Turkish Takla (droppers)  
Jim Cooper Coupeville WA 360-929-9341 West of England Tumblers in Red, Yellow, White,Torts and Gray Laces  
Rick Street Spokane WA Saddle Homers and Old German Owls  
Sergey Pavlovskiy Arlington WA 425-923-6333 Ukrainian Skycutters, Taganrog, Rostov, Volga  
George Dodgson Prosser WA 509-781-2261 American Fantails  
Sajid Siddiqui Lynnwood WA 425-737-0626 Pakistani Serbian High Flyers & English Tippler  
Vladimir Kostadinov Lynnwood WA 425-344-1761 Serbian High Flyers  
Larry Hollingsworth Winlock WA 360-785-4775 Modenas & Performing Birmingham Rollers  
Perry R. Johnson Mount Vernon WA 360-972-8237 Kings White or Colored - willing to ship birds.  
Dos Brothers Lynnwood WA 425-737-0626 Pakistani High Flyers , Serbian High Flyers And English Tipplers  
Ray Lewis Lake Stevens WA 425-876-8991 Birmingham Rollers, Portugese Tumblers  
Ma'jeff Henderson Woodinville WA 425-236-1551 Turkish  
Phil Pauu Tacoma WA 253-565-2809 Performance bred Rollers, West of England Tumblers, Parlor Tumblers  
David C. Harris Poulsbo WA 360-779-7860 Swallows – Fairy, Fullhead, Silesian, Thuringer. Also Frillbacks, Saxon Spots.  
Monte Summers 360-229-2666 WA 360-229-2666 Stichelbauts, Trenton's, Belgium pletinkxs All white  
Ray Lewis Lake Stevens WA 425-876-8991 Texan Pioneers, Portuguese Tumblers  
Charles Dahlen Kent WA 206-391-9504 Racing Homers, Damascenes  
Michael McAndrews Seattle WA 206-734-0669 White Dove Release and Racing Homers
Eugene & Svetlana Plekhanov Vancouver WA 360-253-2515 Uzbek tumblers  
Gene Meyer Plymouth WI 920-892-4652 German Color Pigeons  
Jamie Resch Hatley WI 715-581-1302 Lahores, Toy Modenas and Color Rollers  
Dale Finder Dunbar WI 715-889-2794 English Trumpeters  
Chuy Chang Elk Mound WI 715-770-9278 Homers  
Robert Tesch Loyal WI 715-255-8757 Modenas and Indian Fans  
Byron Haaland Racine WI English Trumpeters  
Jason Choncha Thao Manitowoc WI Kings
Ralph Kledehn Arpin WI 715-652-3657 White Racing Homers  
Rod Lysne Ferryville` WI Voorburg Shield Croppers; Fantails, Rare Color Homers; Saddle Homers  
Rueben Gluege Catawba WI 715-642-4324 Rollers, Fantails, Homers, Saxon Monks  
Jeffrey W Lehto New Richmond WI 715-808-2392 Rollers, Homers, Indian Fantails, Runts, Swallows, Parlors  
Yang Lor Milwaukee WI 414-488-4242 Performance Rollers  
Carlos Gonzalez Melrose WI Arabian Trumpeters, Magpies, Spanish Barbs, Valencian Figuritas.  
Phil Schultz Ft. Atkinson WI Ringneck Doves, Valencian Figuritas  
Rosalie Bjelde Stoughton WI 608-630-0025 Racing Pigeons  
Todd Young dodgeville WI 734-790-6005 Flying Oriental Rollers, Racaing Homers, Birmingham Rollers  
Choua xiong Schofield WI Homers and Birmingham Rollers.  
Yasser Bashi Appleton WI 920-574-8627 Russian Uzbeck, Kaznadar, Iraqui tubmblers, Homers, Turkish Tumblers, Jordanian Tumblers, Iranian high flyers.  
Steven Draus Sheboygan WI 920-208-0754 English Trumpeter, Indian Fantail, Homers, Performamce Rollers  
Jeff Roberts Edgerton WI Rollers Turner/Roberts Pensoms  
Raymone Berg Waterford WI 262-534-5305 American Show Racers  
Brian Helmer Plymouth WI Fantails and French Mondains  
Rick Wied Pulaski WI 920-619-2130 Utility Kings, White Racing Homers, Pomeranian Pouters  
Eugene Sande Lake Delton WI 608-412-1868 Flying Racing Homers, Show Rollers, Flying Rollers, Ferals also  
Jim Grober Muskego WI 262-444-1998 Silesian Swallows  
Jim Lutz Wisconsin Rapids WI 715-459-9772 Racing Homers ,Old English Rollers, Berliner SF, Berlin LF, Budas,Lichtenwald Tumblers  
Gregg Sale Eau Claire WI 715-984-2219 Performance bred Birmingham Roller  
James van Helden Chippewa Falls WI 715-723-3811 Racing Homers: Staghorns and DeKindt Speed Birds  
Elsbeth Hamilton Westfield WI Zitterhal, Valencian Figurita  
Heather Dieckhoff Janesville WI Modena, Homer's, Toy Modena  
Tou Yang Schofield WI Performing Rollers  
Danny Witt Fort Ashby WV Old dutch cauchine, birmingham rollers
Donnie Baker Keyser WV 304-790-3821 Flying oriental Rollers
Mark Ross Prichard WV 304-617-1818 Fantail, Russian Tumbler  
John Shelton Martinsburg WV 304-839-8880 Adana Dewlaps  
Derek DeBoer Casper WY English Carriers, Turkish Tumblers, Coop Tumblers  
Mike McLaughlin Sheridan WY 307-751-1932 Long Distance Homers (EXTREME)  
Derek DeBoer Casper WY 307-265-5726 English Carriers, Turkish Tumblers, Recessive Red and Yellow Racers  
Tell Burns Lander WY 307-332-3264 Janssens, Black Diamonds, Bandits, & Van Reets  


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